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Movie Review: ‘A Quiet Place’ is loud with suspense and horror

With a short length of only 90 minutes, “A Quiet Place” is deemed to be one of the most heart-wrenching, fear-inducing horror movies of 2018.

Set in an eerie post-apocalyptic time, a family must use all of their senses to survive a dreadful creature that hunts by the sensitivity of sound.

Actors John Krasinski (Lee Abbott) and Emily Blunt (Evelyn Abbott), whom are married in this movie and in real life, have taught their children to live without the one thing children have a tendency to make the most: noise.

They learn very quickly that even the smallest of errors will cost you.

One of the interesting highlights of the movie is the fact that the oldest child Regan, played by Millicent Simmonds, is deaf.

Evelyn Abbott ( Emily Blunt), tells her daughter Regan Abbott ( Millicent Simmonds) who is deaf to be completely silent when the creatures are near. Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

With having a child who is deaf, Lee Abbott and Evelyn Abbott have an advantage over most because the family mostly uses sign language to communicate with minimal dialogue through whispers and use of other physical things to remain alive.

Every detail of the movie reels you in from beginning to end, primarily focusing on how the characters move around bare footed without even making a sound louder than a clap.

The hair-raising silence throughout the film makes one feel uneasy at every frightening moment.

Lee Abbott (John Krasinski) protects his son Marcus Abbott (Noah Jupe) from the deadly threat of sound. Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

Unlike most horror movies with the distinction of constant sound, it plays on the imagination, evoking constant fear without knowing what is going to occur next.

“A Quiet Place” is written and directed by award winning actor John Krasinski who also stars as the lead character. Krasinski has produced and directed an array of films and TV series, the most prominent being “The Office.”

As actors Krasinski and Blunt star in their first film together as a couple, it is amazing to see the marriage and family dynamics incorporated into the movie. Though the film will have you gripping the edge of your seat out of pure terror and anticipation, it also shows you how human beings are able to persevere into a life of normalcy when there is a constant threat to their lives.

There were some parallels that could be seen between this film and M. Night Shyamalan’s “Signs.” The themes of these movies project the realistic invasion of an alien presence, and also show how the very thing one may deem as a weakness ends up being the very tool of survival for the characters.

“A Quiet Place” is the must see horror film of the year.