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The Clothesline Project allows sexual assault victims to be heard

The Clothesline’s Project will be held on Tuesday, Apr. 17 from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Fullerton College on the quad.

Each year this event is hosted by the Social Sciences Department and includes those who were affected by the violent crimes. By hanging the t-shirts, victims are able to express themselves by joining other victims and bringing awareness all while showing their courage and survival strength.

The clothesline will display numerous t-shirts with testimonies of previous victims and will be hung by student volunteers who participate as part of their Sociology and Political Science class experience.

According to Kelly Nelson-Wright, professor and chair of sociology and social science curriculum representative, “The Clothesline Project started about a decade ago at Fullerton College but has existed for many years as a worldwide event.”

“The intention of the displays is to honor survivors and act as a memorial for the victims. It is also intends to aid in the healing process for those who were directly affected and those who have lost someone special to violence,” Nelson-Wright added.

Throughout this event there will be various colored t-shirts which represents the type of violence each of the victims experienced.

The Clothesline Project
T-shIrt color key for The Clothesline Project. Photo credit: Kelly Nelson-Wright

Orange, pink and red shirts represent rape and sexual assault survivors.

Blue and green t-shirts relate to child sexual abuse, while purple t-shirts portray anyone that was raped due to sexual orientation.

Gray t-shirt symbolize the victim or the victim’s loved one which was affected by human trafficking.

Black t-shirts serve as sexual harassment, yellow t-shirts stand for domestic violence and white t-shirts describe those affect by homicide.

Anyone who was impacted by any type of violence is encouraged to create a shirt.

“Throughout the day of the event, survivors who decorate shirts will be encouraged to hang their own shirts as a symbol and display of their strength, determination and personal stories of interpersonal/family violence and sexual assault,” Nelson-Wright continued.

If you are interested in sharing your story while showing your strength and survival, please stop by the quad and decorate a t-shirt anytime during the event at no cost.

“Participants will be offered kindness, support and encouragement,” Nelson-Wright added.