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WorldFest is Back at FC!

Fullerton College Host its 7th Annual WorldFest on Thursday, Apr. 19, 2018 from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. on the quad.

WorldFest is a campus wide event where students get the chance to celebrate diversity, world cultures and tackle environmental issues. This event is will give insight and educate students, faculty and our community on other cultures as well as raise awareness worldwide.

This WorldFest will be broken up into different types of villages: “Global Village”, “Art Village” with a Chalk Art Contest and “Village Green”.

Each year, a new crop of students will bring their own unique passion in the form of their table booths and performances.

“We have approximately 30 booths, 10 performers and 10 chalk artists and we estimate that attendance will be well over a thousand students in the 4-hour period,” said Vincent White, Cadena Cultural Center Coordinator.

In the “Global Village”, there are several booths that students can visit and learn history from. Theses booths include: The Civil & Human Rights, Culture & Ethnicity, Environment, Mind, Body and Spirit and finally The Veterans booths.

This year the Art Department will be taking over the “Art Village” and they will be doing a coloring booth. Participants will also be able to showcase their artistic skills and compete in the Sidewalk Chart Art Contest.

The “Village Green” is filled with the fun, outdoor games and exercise for students to enjoy.

To finish out learning and participating in activities, there will be a “World Food Court” which will provide food from the six cultural and regional villages.

“We do hope that students will enjoy the event, learning something new, and most importantly, feel connected to the campus,” White stated .

If you would like to learn more about WorldFest or want to participate, stop by the Cadena Cultural Center in Room 212, or visit their website.