‘Reclaim Your Space’ Seminar set for Wednesday

Kimberly Solis

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the Ethnic Studies Division will hold the ‘Reclaim Your Space’ workshop on Wednesday, Apr. 25 in room 1018 from 4 to 5 p.m.

This discussion-based workshop is open to the entire campus community and will focus on setting healthy boundaries in one’s personal and professional life.

“I’m really invested in ending gender-based violence and just really cultivating healthier loving relationships,” said Dr. Amber Rose González, ethnic studies professor. “Both inside as intimate partners and in the workplace and any relationship that we have.”

This is the first time González will co-facilitate this workshop along with psychology and Chicanx Studies student Esmeralda Flores.

The workshop’s goal is to support students, faculty and staff.

They will talk about what it means to set boundaries in any type of relationship, when to negotiate ones boundaries and knowing when to let people in.

“We really want people to tell their story and talk about their best practices,” said González.

What inspired this workshop was last month’s trip to the ‘Empowering Women of Color’ conference at Berkeley.

Flores, one of her students, attended a workshop that discussed the topic of setting boundaries. She was inspired and wants to share the knowledge she acquired with the FC community.

González is hopeful that a support group will result from this or for people to make connections within the workshop.