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KinderCaminata brings 23rd year of inspiration

On Friday, Apr. 27, Fullerton College’s Ethnic Studies and Child Development Department’s will be hosting their annual KinderCaminata event to inspire future generation college students.

Supported by their families and teachers, the kindergartners will be able to experience what it’s like to be “a college student for a day”.

Jennifer Kinkel, coordinator from the Child Development Department, stated, “Reaching young children is important because world views are shaped early on.”

“Most of these students are potential first generation college students…[so] KinderCaminata’s mission is to inspire them now, at the beginning of their education, to imagine themselves in college,” said Karen Vernon, lead coordinator of the event.

This year a projected 1,700 students will be attending the event.

Many attendees are from low-income households or immigrant communities where the reality of college may seem like a far away dream.

“KinderCaminata plays a vital role in laying foundational concepts for all children, the foundation and the idea that college is accessible and that they belong there,” Kinkel continued.

Children will have an opportunity to explore science in the chemistry lab by melting skittles. They’ll even be able to take home their very own pair of “Buzzy goggles” that will be created in the print shop.

Also, the future college students will learn how Hornets are working to save and improve the planet.

“I want these kindergartners to see college students and college professors that look like them,” Vernon added.

For more information on the event or how to help, contact Karen Vernon at [email protected].