Fullerton Arboretum hosts Green Scene Plant and Garden Expo

Katie Brown

The Fullerton Arboretum hosted its annual Green Scene Plant and Garden Expo on April 21 and 22.

Coincidentally landing on Earth Day, almost a hundred local vendors were present, providing a large and unique array of all the garden plants, tools and techniques one would need.

Orange County Organic Garden Club
Orange County Organic Garden Club was one of many vendors at the Green Scene April 21 and 22. Photo credit: Katie Brown

Stationed around the Arboretum were local planters like Orchids by Zeny, OC Geranium Society, Fat Plant Man and Doug’s Rare Plants among many others.

The Strawberry Peddlers were there for its 24th year at the Arboretum. Owner Julie Bauden-Davis and her daughter Sabrina were happy to assist customers with all the best information when it comes to growing strawberries. Bawden-Davis is the author of 10 books, including “The Strawberry Story,” which was available for purchase at her stand.

"The Strawberry Story"
“The Strawberry Story” written by Julie Bawden-Davis. Photo credit: Katie Brown

“My first book I wrote was my strawberry book, ‘The Strawberry Story,’ and people said I need to sell it. They mentioned the Green Scene and said I needed to bring plants so the next thing I knew I was selling plants year after year, then fertilizer and then soil,” said Bawden-Davis.

In addition to writing books, she is a blogger and journalist who wrote for the L.A. Times and currently writes for Parade magazine. She has written over 4,000 articles on home and garden, along with articles on personal finance and small businesses. She also has a house plant website that has been out for 12 years and has gained much popularity.

Strawberry Peddlers
Tips for growing your very own strawberries from the Strawberry Peddlers. Photo credit: Katie Brown

Since there apparently aren’t a lot of fertilizers around for strawberries, she also created her own fertilizer, the Super Berry Builder Fertilizer, making growing batches of delicious strawberries all the more successful.

Another vendor, the Southern California Hibiscus Society, stood out among others with its vibrant display of these exotic flowers native to Hawaii, Fiji and Mauritius. The hibiscus is generally smaller, but over the years, this organization has created a hybrid version that has evolved into quite an array of unique color patterns.

The hybridizing had started in Hawaii, but began in Southern California in the 1950s by Ross Gast and other U.S. hybridizers to create this modern version.

The mission of the Green Scene at the Fullerton Arboretum is to provide education and an opportunity to gain appreciation for such a diverse world of plants. This mission is available to students, teachers and all other guests to enjoy. All proceeds benefit the Fullerton Arboretum’s gardens.

For more info on events at the Fullerton Arboretum, visit their website or call them at (657) 278-4010.