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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ unites an entire universe.

Marvel Studios has long been trailblazing the course of cinema with its superhero-themed films. Featuring over 18 blockbuster movies spanning the course of a decade, Marvel Studios has now geared up for its biggest blockbuster to date: “Avengers: Infinity War.”

When the character Nick Fury first told Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man “You’ve become part of a bigger universe” in 2008, audiences filled with excitement over a potential Avengers movie.

Now three movies in, the latest installment of the Avengers franchise and Marvel’s 19th movie in their cinematic universe has had fans waiting for its release this opening weekend.

Promising to be one of the most ambitious crossover movies to date, Marvel has truly delivered as an abundance of characters from all previous Marvel movies appear together for the first time ever on screen.

The film stars famous actors in returning roles like Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Pratt as Star Lord and Chris Hemsworth as the mighty Thor. It also brings together one of the largest castings for any marvel movie so far, with more than 60 characters.

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In this Marvel flick the Avengers must take on the powerful Thanos, who is on a quest to assemble all six infinity stones. The greatest power in the universe, each of these stones carry destructive capabilities. The Avengers face their toughest fight yet, and an uncertain future for humanity.

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have long kept secret the plot of the movie over the course of production. It was reported that the actors each received different copies of the script and that only a small few knew of the films true plot.

And this came with great merit as the movie does throw a lot of surprises to the audience. With scenes so shocking, viewers should try their best to avoid spoilers to receive the films true vibe and feel every emotion.

Such a gigantic blockbuster does come with its flaws, but in this case there were not many.

Viewers may have trouble recalling some characters if they are not too familiar with other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie juggles through a variety of characters, which can be disorienting to viewers who have yet to catch up to the movies timeline.

Infinity War displays an abundance of action sequences. The movie rarely stops to take a breath which can be quite exhausting to someone who is not really into the whole superhero genre.

But for those fans who grew up with these movies over the ten year course and love everything Marvel, they will not be disappointed.

Avengers Infinity War
"Avengers: Infinity War" had the biggest box office opening weekend ever, opening to over $250 million domestically. Photo credit: IMDB

Even with as many characters as the movie has, each scene carries the perfect amount of heroes and never feels at any point too congested.

The characters carry outstanding chemistry with one another. Nothing feels forced, which brings a nice balance to the movies overall atmosphere.

As for the tone, Infinity War begins somber from the get-go. The score is almost always melancholic and grimacing.

Marvel movies though have quite often added quirky humor to their films in a way of comic relief. While there is evidence of this in this movie, it is brilliantly added in a way that does not break the overall tone and feel of the film.

With impressive special effects and its opening preview night grossing 39 million dollars domestically so far in the box office, “Avengers: Infinity War” will prove to be a breathtaking experience for movie goers and fans alike.

The accumulation of ten years has all lead to this juggernaut of a blockbuster. “Avengers: Infinity War” is tasked with pleasing millions of fans across the spectrum, and with every action packed and jaw dropping moment, is it sure to deliver on every level.