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Camille Serrano and Robert Alan Brantley named Distinguished Students of the Year

On Friday, May 11, the Students of Distinction 2018 ceremony was held in the dining hall on campus.

Students who were selected exemplified excellence in academics, service, competition and personal achievements.

Out of 63 nominees, 20 were selected to be recognized.

President Greg Schulz welcomed the guests of the evening, expressing his admiration for the students being recognized and the school itself.

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To begin the ceremony, president of the school, Dr. Greg Schulz, offered some inspiring words for the graduating students of distinction Friday night. Photo credit: Madalyn Amato

“Fullerton College is in fact, a community,” Schulz remarked.

This year, the school celebrates the highest rate of graduation in its 104 history, with hundreds of those being of high achievement, according to Schulz.

Each of the distinguished students were introduced by a professor in their field or a professor the student had a close relationship with.

The honorees ranged from mathematics majors to biology majors and other subjects in between.

After being introduced, the students were able to say a few words of gratitude towards their biggest inspirations, mentors and guides.

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Of the 20 students recognized, Robert Alan Brantley and Camille Serrano, were selected as distinguished students of the year. After being named they joined for a congratulatory embrace. Photo credit: Madalyn Amato

Camille Serrano, Service Achievement recipient, and Robert Alan Brantley, Academic Achievement recipient, were both honored as the Distinguished Students of the Year.

Both Serrano and Brantley were also awarded over $500 in scholarships to further their educational careers.

“Thank you [Fullerton College] for loving me,” Serrano said, who was also honored for female student distinction.

Fullerton College’s slogan “Once a Hornet, always a Hornet” was reverberated around the dining hall by all.

Listed below are the 2018 Students of Distinction along with the committee members

Students of Distinction 2018.jpg
Listed are the 2018 Students of Distinction awardees and selection committee. Photo credit: Student Activities