Harajuku fashion debuts at Fullerton College

Valerie Sandoval

The Wilshire Auditorium will host the fashion department’s annual fashion show that will feature designs from theHello Harajuku collection this Monday, May 14, from 6:30-9 p.m.

The show will be an opportunity for students and faculty to see Japan’s creative, yet expressive Harajuku street wear in this student produced fashion show.

Fashion students have worked rigorously throughout the entire semester to showcase their designs and styles inspired by the popular look of Tokyo’s Harajuku district.

Hello Harajuku
Poster for Hello Harajuku fashion show Photo credit: fullertoncollegefashiondepartment

“There are so many different types of styles within the Harajuku and we are showcasing five of the them,” said Egriselda Guhlen, fashion merchandise FC student.

The fashion department will bring to life various styles of the Harajuku fashion such as Kimono, Lolita, Visual Kei, Decora, and Kodona.

“I am excited for guest to see designs from the guest designer, Saleemah Lewis, designer of Sultry Vamps. She has her own fashion line and she will be featured in tonights show,” said Inga Tealage, fashion design student at Fullerton College.

“I’m excited to see my garment walk down the runway and I’m also excited about my fellow classmates designs and collections,” said Edgar Samano, Co-Director of Hello Harajuku.

“There’s so much talent here.”