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Hornets Women’s Soccer Team Suffers First Loss

Sportsmanship After The Game
The women's soccer teams hive fives Rio Hondo after losing 4-0 Tuesday, Sept 4. Photo credit: Ciera Chavez

The Hornets women’s soccer team was handed their first loss of the season as they fell 4-0 to the Rio Hondo RoadRunners Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Fullerton’s defense was strong but they did not maintain their composure in the second half as the offense struggled.

The Hornets got off to a good start. The first half was fast in tempo as both teams were chasing the ball and giving quick passes to their teammates.

“They had good ball control and possession. They just couldn’t get anything started offensively, nor set up offensively,” said Hornets head coach Pam Lewin.

Forward Georgia Vidal attempts to move the ball towards the Rio Hondo side on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Photo credit: Ciera Chavez

The Hornets tried opening up passing lanes to move down the field but a few passes were weak or a defender was there to take away the pass. The Hornets were running so fast down the field, that it caused them to miss their teammates and not execute on their opportunities.

Fullerton had a breakaway, but it was called back due to the Hornets being offsides.

“We need to work on holding onto the ball at the top and not always going forward. We have a lot of speed so we have a tendency to rush,” added Lewin.

Fullerton’s defense was great in the first half as they they were pressing Rio Hondo. They were quick in intercepting Rio Hondo’s passes and not allowing their offense get into a rhythm to score.

The RoadRunners finally got their chance on a lucky bounce resulting in their first goal of the game. Freshman Danielle Moore of the RoadRunners headed the ball over starting goalie Savannah Dyer’s head and bounced into the net. That was the first goal allowed by Dyer and Fullerton the whole season.

After the first goal, Rio Hondo started to take control of the game. There defense got stronger and did not give Fullerton the chance to do much offensively the rest of the half.

Going into the first half, the Hornets trailed 1-0.

Freshman Kaelah Basurto goes heads up with Rio Hondos forward Danielle Moore Tuesday, Sept. 4. Photo credit: Ciera Chavez

As the second half got underway, Fullerton attempted to wake up their offense but was unsuccessful. Rio Hondo’s defense was too strong and shut them down at every attempt.

Not much time passed by in the second half as the RoadRunners collected their second goal of the game by another lucky bounce.

Rio Hondo’s forward Lismed Salcido, was on a break away when Fullerton’s defense caught up to her. Under pressure Salcido managed to shoot the ball to the crossbar, the ball hits the floor, and bounces in. Rio hondo is up 2-0 at this point.

Fullerton’s offense had numerous opportunities later on in the half. Hornets Victoria Arrieta shot an accurate one-timer, but the goalkeeper of Rio Hondo blocked the shot.

The Hornets failed to make the best of their corner opportunities to set something up to give the team a chance to score.

Rio Hondo freshman’s Zharria Ramirez and Danielle Moore went on track on and scored two goals to expanding the lead 4-0.

Fullerton’s freshman Kayla Ippolito was subbed in for Savannah Dyer as goalkeeper to finish off the game.

Coach Lewin continued they are going to work on “drawing the other team out so we can play behind them.”

Defender Skyler Van Voorhis shared her thoughts on the defensive effort throughout. She said “I think our shape needs to be adjusted because one doesn’t drop to cover our teammate if they get beat and practice. Passing and working their way up the field is another component they need to practice.”

GK Savannah Dyer
Starting goalkeeper Savannah Dyer kicks the ball to her teammates against Rio Hondo Tuesday, Sept. 4. Photo credit: Ciera Chavez

Hornets goalkeeper Savannah Dyer appreciates her defense. She acknowledged “they did the best they could. Unfortunately we had high bounces and I just couldn’t get to it.”

The Lady Hornets are now 2-1 in the season.

Fullerton hosts their next game against El Camino College Friday, Sept. 7 at 3p.m.