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Fullerton College hosts 14th annual ¡Bienvenidos! welcome event

Multiple tents filled the quad as students gathered at different tables to learn about the many programs, clubs and services offered during the 14th annual ¡Bienvenidos! celebration on Tuesday, September 11.

The ¡Bienvenidos! celebration is held to welcome students and showcase what resources FC has to offer them.

For many students this was their first time attending ¡Bienvenidos! Student ambassador for communications Trishia Lim, was among the crowd of students at the event.

“This event is very welcoming and you can’t miss the event,” Lim said. “A lot of people along with the services that we do offer here are out so the students don’t have a problem looking for what they need.”

The event fell on September 11, the day of remembrance for those who perished in the 9/11 terrorist attack. ¡Bienvenidos! began with a minute of silence as a reminder of those many that lost their lives that day as well as the amount of families affected by the national tragedy.

Bienvenidos and 9/11 remebrance
Soldiers stand in the quad to pay their respects during moment of silence on 9/11/18 Photo credit: Samantha Storrey

Although there were mixed emotions around the events being combined, some felt that the combination of these events helped to bring attention to 9/11 and positivity of looking forward to the future.

“It converges the two,” said Travis Mahaffey, a representative for the Veterans Resource Center. “I don’t think that one takes away from the other necessarily. You can have both things and these events work well together. I think it was a good idea.”

¡Bienvenidos! was also meant to help support National Hispanic and Latino Heritage month and their Latinx Forum, scheduled for Wednesday, September 19, which gives an opportunity for Latinos and Hispanics to talk about their experiences at Fullerton College.

“It’s a great event I think just to start off [the semester], and also the start of Latino Heritage month.” said Vincent White, the Cadena Center coordinator.

White explained that ¡Bienvenidos! started from an event the Latino Faculty and Staff Association held with a few campus programs. Over time the association stopped doing their event, but White explained that the Cadena Center wanted to continue celebrating the heritage month as well as its week of welcome.

“I said let’s call it something, let’s call it Bienvenidos, it’s welcoming, we are welcoming in the Latino Heritage Month,” White said.

2018-Bienvenidos -14th annual celebration of welcome and latino/hispanic heritage month Photo credit: Samantha Storrey

Joshua Kazarian, president of Associated Students, hopes that this event not only brings attention to Latino and Hispanic heritage month, but also helps to get students involved in the campus.

“So many of these tables stay empty the entirety of this event, and I want to make that change,” Kazarian said. “I want students to go up and talk to everyone and every program that interests them.”

There were various club tents set up, all with something different to offer. The cosmetology tent were giving out free braids, hair chalk and mini manicures with a hand massage. This was their first time attending ¡Bienvenidos! and many were excited to talk about what they learned about in cosmetology and how this is the first time they have been able to participate in this event.

Beienvenidos and Cosmetology students
1st year Cosmetology students partake in Bienvenidos Photo credit: Samantha Storrey

A.S. plans to make changes due to student participation of this event. Specifically on how to really attract their entire target audience and to make every table more interactive to really draw students in.

Kazarian wants to find a way to get feedback from all students not just the ones involved with A.S.

“I hope that students get more involved. I used to be one of those students that would just walk right by and avoid talking to anyone but I want to change that for everyone,” Kazarian said. “I hope to get the feedback needed in order to make these events better for the future.”

For more information on upcoming events please go on our website.