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Women’s Volleyball Bounces Back Against The Dons

The Hornets women’s volleyball team came back against the Santa Ana Dons in a 3-1 (25-20, 25-19, 21-25, 25-15) win at home last night.

After last week’s loss against Bakersfield, Head coach Megan Glennie told the girls, that every loss is a learning lesson for the team.

“Everything that we do in a game is steaming from practice. So practice is the most important part of our play, ” said Glennie. “Encouraging each other and giving 110% focus… to improve mental toughness in preparation.”

IMG_0570 (1).jpg
Opposite Hitter Baylee Coble and Middle blocker Holly Call go up for a block against Santa Ana College Friday, Sept. 14. Photo credit: Ciera Chavez

Off the bat Santa Ana took the leader board after a missed serve by the Hornets. The scoring for the first set was a battle with no more than three points separating the two teams.

That suddenly changed when the Hornets scored four points in a row on serves from sophomore Andrea Lopez. Fullerton closed the set with a five point lead, 25-20.

During the first set Fullerton was very vocal in calling out plays and the ball. These vocalizations also carried into the crowd where a large group of Glenn Wilson students were in attendance.

Rallies continued into the second set where each team scored back and forth with no more than a two point difference. Fullerton was able to break away to a five point lead, 17-12, when sophomore Kailyn “KK” Case came to serve.

Hornets Sophomore Kailyn Case sets the ball for her teammates against the Dons Friday, Sept. 14. Photo credit: Ciera Chavez

A rally that had the ball sent back and forth numerous times brought the score to 24-19 and gave Fullerton the momentum to score the wining point quickly on the next play.

The third set had a noticeable change in the Hornet’s game plan. Fullerton went quiet on the court bringing silence within the stands as well.

Santa Ana was able to capitalize on the lack of energy by gaining a 1-5 lead. Fullerton was trailing 15-20 before they were able to gain momentum causing a shift in the game and scoreboard.

One rally was won by Fullerton after middle blocker Samaria Longstreet delivered a kill over the net that Santa Ana was unable to return.

The Hornet’s middle Samaria Longstreet goes in for a kill against the Dons Friday, Sept. 14. Photo credit: Ciera Chavez

This was not enough for Fullerton and the win for the third set went to Santa Ana by four points.

In the fourth set, Fullerton had a visible change in energy by communicating more on the court. Santa Ana scored first, but Fullerton was able to take 5-1 lead with Lopez serving. A rally at 12-8 had the ball sailing over the net more than five times.

The wining point in the fourth match was a set and spike play executed by Case and Longstreet, which gave Fullerton the 3-1 victory.

The Hornets women’s volleyball team celebrates their win over Santa Ana College Friday, Sept. 14. Photo credit: Ciera Chavez

The lady Hornets will be play on the road against Saddleback College next Wednesday, Sept.19 at 6 pm.