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AS Fall 2018 Election Results

Two vice presidents and nineteen student senators were elected during the Associated Students fall elections held on Sept. 4 – Sept. 6.

Election Results


Vice President of Student Senate : Sandra Ocampo

Vice President of Records : Raga Kavari

Student Senators (candidates needed 10 votes to be elected)

Laura Denise Sanchez, Harutyun Kejejyan, Tonatiuh Perez, Ashley Samantha Andino, Michael Carter, Zi Zhuang, Sangmin Lee, Sana Abbaali, Annika Colleen Thompson, Kara Regan, Francina Avila Aguilar, Guadalupe Salazar Castaneda, Wendy Hernandez Torres, Javier Duarte, Nallely Paloma Almanza, Trishia Claudine Lim, Kyle Hickey, Tiana Sanchez, Emily Salcido

All Student Senator candidates that were listed on the ballot were elected to their positions.

Below are the ballot sheets after the elections were over.

Ballot sheet of the elected executive votes for the fall 2018 semester.
Ballot sheet of the nineteen elected student senators for the fall 2018 semester.

In total, the fall elections brought 21 students to an elected position in A.S.

A.S. President Joshua Kazarian was excited with the high number of elected members this semester.

“It’s a fantastic number from what I’ve gathered, higher than usual for these kinds of elections,” Kazarian said. “We still have a number of senate seats open that we will have to fill, and we also want more representatives to fill all of our committees.”

Kazarian also found some positive take aways from the first senate meeting with the new senators and executives.

“We have seen a massive amount of enthusiasm from them… the diversity we have [in] majors, ethnicity, gender and ideas will help us to serve our students better than anything else,” Kazarian added. “This will be a year where A.S. has a presence on campus and where students know who we are and what we do.”

For more news, check out our website and for information about FC student government visit the A.S. website.