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FC student shares experience about recent campus harassment

Students were verbally harassed by a male in the 1400 building on Thursday, Sept. 20, that ended with Campus Safety officers escorting the man out of the building.

Chelley Ann Casasola, who was recording the whole scene on her cellphone, posted the altercation on Facebook and has picked up over 100,000 total views and over 1,000 shares on Facebook, along with several hundred comments that has FC students and locals talking.

Casasola, who also got into a verbal argument with the male in question, described the story prior to recording on her Facebook post.

“This guy was randomly walking up and down the hallway laughing loudly to himself… then suddenly this guy walked up to the two girls in the first video pointing at them for [no] reason and started to verbally harass them,” Casasola said. “The way he was talking to other students and myself was disrespectful and racist… as you can see he was very provocative and aggressive to the students and the professor, [then] also acting as the victim in this situation.”

In the videos posted by Casasola, the man later paced back and forth in the hallway, where Room 1418 is located, disputing with the students, saying that they are cussing in “Mexican” and that the students needed to calm down. The man would approach then Casasola where they proceeded to have an argument as she was recording.

“I didn’t feel threatened at all I felt like he posed no real threat, just all talk,” Casasola said. “But at some point I was just getting irritated by his behavior.”

The man claimed that he was waiting for his class at 10:10 a.m. and proceeded to go into Room 1418 after his interactions with Casasola and other students. Later, the last video shown was the man being escorted out of the 1400 building with several Campus Safety officers.

FC’s Facebook page commented on Casasola’s video post apologizing about the disruption and stating that after the man was escorted away, Jorge Gamboa, dean of social sciences, responded quickly and spoke the class and students.

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    TylerSep 21, 2018 at 11:36 am

    How are you gonna say a man claimed he was waiting for class? He was waiting for class.