FC student to undergo a student conduct process after verbally harassing other students

Ayrton Lauw

Following the viral altercation of a student verbally harassing other students on Thursday, Sept. 20, the male student involved will now go through a student conduct process that is currently being reviewed.

A male student caused a disruption in the hallway of the 1400 building reportedly using racial slurs and upsetting other students. Campus Safety officers responded and escorted the student out of the building.

After the incident Dean of Social Sciences, Jorge Gamboa, along with several faculty members and additional Campus Safety officers, spoke to the students involved in their classroom. A Campus Safety incident report was taken and the students, that interacted with the male student causing the disruption, gave their statement to Campus Safety.

Director of Campus Communications Lisa McPheron says, the process is confidential, as for all students that go through this process, and will be reviewed through a behavioral intervention team made of stakeholders on campus that will analyze the incident. After analysis, the team will inform the student conduct process led by the student services office.

If a student does not feel safe at anytime, McPheron obliges students to contact Campus Safety or appropriate authorities to assist them.

“Our Campus Safety department are not sworn police officers but essentially our first responders on campus,” McPheron said. “People can call Campus Safety and they can get there pretty quickly and any member of the staff can be called upon to assist a student deal with an uncomfortable situation. If it escalates, the Fullerton Police Department are the first responders.”

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