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Fill your stein and say prost at Phoenix Club’s Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest season has just begun, and the Phoenix Club of Anaheim just kicked off their Oktoberfest this past Friday and continues every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.

The Phoenix Club’s Oktoberfest offers a variety of German beers on tap and are changed up often. They also feature local craft beer every Oktoberfest, with Legacy as the highlighted choice for this year.

“[We] switch up the beer almost every night,” said Linda Kriesant, current president of the Phoenix Club.

The Phoenix Club’s Oktoberfest also hosts beer drinking contests with cash prizes up to $300 with a possibility to win German medals as prizes as well. The winners from past beer drinking contests come back at the end of the festival to compete against each other.

Many people from German roots feel as though the Phoenix Club is a great cultural space for themselves.

“We get a lot of people who come when they are vacationing. A lot of members have family that come and attend,” said Kriesant.

The “bring-your-own-stein” idea came from the enjoyment of the people.

“The steins are just a thing. We sell some from for reasonable prices, from $20 to $40.” said Kriesant.

John Fredrickson, a regular Oktoberfest attendee, brought all three of his own steins, one of them was crafted into the shape of a boot.

“I always go [to Oktoberfest], not always here but other places as well. This one is the largest of them all and the most family friendly.” said Fredrickson.

The authentic German food served at the Phoenix Club’s Oktoberfest is also a must at the festival. Vanessa Dimnik, one of the food workers helping to serve at the event, finds a German potato pancake known as “Rheinische Reibekuchen” to be her favorite among other food items.

Dimnik said Rheinische Reibekuchen is necessary during Oktoberfest, where it is served to people fresh and made by hand.

Knock yourself out and attend Oktoberfest, and don’t forget to bring good spirits to tie in with the German drinking etiquette at the Phoenix Club’s Oktoberfest.

“We toast a lot with ‘Prost!’. We sing a lot of beer songs and toast at the end of the songs.” said Kriesant.