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Hornets head football coach under investigation

In 11 seasons as Hornets head football coach, Tim Byrnes has been put on paid administrative leave due to an investigation of two potential violations related to the CCCAA constitution Bylaw 2.11, within the football program.

An email sent out on Sept. 20 by Fullerton College’s President Greg Schulz stated the college self-reported two California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) violations related to Bylaw 2.11, “subsidizing, inducements, and special privileges” of a student-athlete.


According to the CCCAA constitution, Bylaw 2.11 states, “Subsidizing is providing any manner of service or financial assistance to prospects or student-athletes that is not available to all other students, inducements are defined as athletic recruiting acts that are designed to entice a student-athlete.” And “special privileges” are services that are not available to other students.

Violations of Bylaw 2 have minimum penalties described in the CCCAA’s constitution under Article 7.4.11. Some of the minimum penalties are included in Article stating, “Disciplinary actions may include, but are not limited to, the following penalties: loss of right to participate in scheduled games, meets, or matches; loss of eligibility; forfeiture of contests; return of any awards won during periods of forfeiture; probation, suspension, exclusion from participation in any CCCAA-sanctioned sport or post-conference competition; and recommendation of exclusion from a coaching assignment.”

The NOCCCD initiated this investigation process contracting an independent investigator with the law firm Currier & Hudson, APC, in late May and as the investigations continue, offensive coordinator Garrett Campbell was appointed as interim head coach while Byrnes is on a paid administrative leave until further notice.

Byrnes has been with the Hornets football program for 26 seasons, and has been named Coach of the Year by the Southern California Football Association (SCFA), the CCCAA, and selected to the All-American Team in 2016 and 2017. Byrnes has been named Coach of the Year seven times over the seasons he’s coached with the Hornets.

As the Hornets adapt to a change in coaching staff, Campbell is hopeful the team will continue to succeed.

“We have a culture of success where our student-athletes understand the level of expectation placed on this program. For many of them, that’s why they chose to attend Fullerton College,” Campbell said.

Campbell helped extend the Hornets win streak last Saturday, Sept. 22, as the Hornets won against the Jaguars 19-14 regardless of the coaching change.

The CCCAA ranked the Hornets as No. 1 in California after winning back to back state and National titles over the past two seasons undefeated. With a 4-0 start to the current season the Hornets football team has won 23 games in a row.

FC will play against Ventura College at Yorba Linda High School on Saturday, Sept. 29 at 2 p.m.

More information about CCCAA’s constitution is on their website.

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  • J

    Jo-Ryan SalazarNov 12, 2018 at 6:42 am

    Tim Byrnes should never coach football ever again. Cheaters never prosper!