Words clash at Tim Wise presentation

Michelle Lobato

The FC campus theatre was packed to capacity with students and faculty eager to listen to Tim Wise, who was scheduled to speak around 6 p.m. Wise who is best known for his written works that speak out against racism and bigotry, argued with with an FC technology professor following his speech.

Wise allowed the audience to ask him questions after his speech and that’s when it started getting confrontational. An unidentified man claiming he is an FC professor from the technology department rushed over and said, “all these problems you stated, I’m kind of curious because I never really heard you provide any real solutions.”

Tim Wise
Tim Wise takes the podium at Fullerton College's campus theatre. Photo credit: Michelle Lobato

“We learn lessons from prior movements and we still have a lot of work left to get done,” Wise said.

The professor argued back stating, “we passed the civil rights, we freed the slaves.” The crowd however, was angered by the remarks the professor said and gave Wise the chance to respond.

Wise was applauded after saying, “We did not do shit, the slaves did, the slaves freed themselves. The idea that racism being resolved is absurd because there are laws against murder but people still get killed. The mere practice of law does not change practice.”

The conversation continued to go back and forth until the professor was jeered by the audience, causing campus safety to escort him out of the theatre.

Wise has written seven books centered around racism and white supremacy and has spoken on over 1,000 school campuses. He recognizes in his speech that he has “white male privilege” and that he uses that to advocate against it.

The event was anticipated and some students were even required to participate as part of their class curriculum.

Local FC Professor in Chicano studies Jose Zamora brought his two classes to watch Wise in action.

“It’s relevant to the curriculum, relevant to what we talk about in class and we’re gonna watch a documentary by him later in the semester so I thought it would be fitting,” said Zamora.

After the commotion settled down the night ended with Wise signing DVD’s and students getting the opportunity to take photos with the writer.