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Women’s soccer swarm past Norco

The Hornets women’s soccer team defeated conference opponent Norco College 4-1 on Sept. 28.

The Hornets bounced back from a 0-3 defeat against Cypress on Sept. 21, by scoring two goals in the first and second half to earn them a blowout victory over the Mustangs.

“I think we worked onwe some things we needed to work on and tightened it up. Certainly, it was nice to score four goals because we’ve been creating opportunities that we haven’t been able to finish,” said head coach Pam Lewin.

Hornets Midfielder Melissa Flores-Salas shields the ball away from Mustang Defender Tessa Smith on Friday, Sept. 28. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

The Hornets picked apart the Mustangs defense by controlling the tempo throughout the match.

They were consistently playing the part of being the aggressors and initiated pressure with their attack by dissecting the Mustang defenders with numerous crosses from the wingers to open up the field.

A breakthrough finally occurred for the Hornets, when Hornets freshman forward Taylor Hobbs scored her first goal of the game to give the Hornets a 1-0 lead.

Hobbs closed in towards the penalty box from the right flank after receiving a long ball. Hobbs then proceded to shoot with a defender trailing from her left side and placed the ball in between the Mustangs goalkeeper.

“In the beginning, we did well as a team in stretching the field and passing. I did alright. I finished with two goals, but I had a couple of opportunities that I could have finished,” forward Taylor Hobbs stated.

Hornets Sophomore Brianna Remedios and Hornets Freshman Taylor Hobbs share a high five after Hobbs scores her second goal against Norco on Friday, Sept. 28. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

Although the Hornets dominated ball possession for most of the game in both halves, the Mustangs took advantage of their rare opportunities early at goal and tied the game at 1-1 from Mustangs forward Angelina Tellez.

Before the first half ended, forward Taylor Hobbs made sure the Hornets would going into halftime with the lead.

Hobbs came sprinting down towards the middle of the box with a goal in sight. She shot the ball passed the Mustangs goalkeeper on the left side of the goalpost as she was simultaneously bumped and pushed by Mustangs defender Olivia Smith.

There would be an array of significant events and opportunities that went the Hornets way during the second half.

Hornets sophomore forward Brianna Remedios would also join the scoring frenzy for the success of the Hornets attack that was displayed when she scored one of the Hornets two goals in the second half.

Essentially, the Hornets shut the door on the Mustangs hopes and dreams of coming back when the Hornets kept creating shots on goal until the final blow from the referee’s whistle.

The Hornets conduct their pregame rituals before beating Norco College on Friday, Sept. 28. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

“I think my team did better overall in the second half playing together and we were knocking the ball pretty well like passing and finishing,” Hornets freshman defender Kaelah Basurto said.

The Hornets improve their overall record 6-2-1 and 3-1-1 in conference.

Fullerton College visits Saddleback at the O.C. Great Park soccer stadium on Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 1 pm.