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Plans to implement more all gender restrooms on campus

In compliance with legislation from the state, Fullerton College has converted three single-user restrooms in to all gender bathrooms and will be implementing several more with the upcoming renovations on the 300 and 500 buildings.

An all gender bathroom can be used by any person regardless of gender identity. The symbol that Fullerton College will use to denote an all gender bathroom is a triangle.

By using a gender neutral symbol, like a triangle, the all gender bathrooms will serve as a safe place for any and all Fullerton College constituents to use the restroom without harassment or conflict.

Though current California law states that anyone can use any public restroom they wish, the implementation of all gender restrooms will allow for a designated space for those who do not conform to male/female genders.

FC all gender sign
The sign that Fullerton College will use to denote an all gender bathroom is a triangle.

The decision to implement all gender restrooms was introduced and made by the Fullerton College Diversity Committee. The committee has membership for all constituent groups made up of students, faculty, staff and managers and meet on a regular basis.

With this decision comes several moving parts and patience, but the end product should result in a more inclusive campus.

“Ideally it would be good for students, staff and visitors to have an assortment of all gender bathrooms around campus. It will be nice once we bring the ones in the 300 and 500 buildings, but the assortment will have to happen eventually over time,” Lisa McPheron, director of campus communications said.

“When these large projects are being conceptualized there are a lot of things to consider and to manage. We have to make sure there are enough classrooms, enough offices, enough meeting space, but all gender bathrooms are a big part of that priority list and a part of that discussion. It’s great that it has become something that the college is aware of an wants to provide,” McPheron continued.

For now, there is an all gender restroom located in the 1000 building and two more near the campus pool.

These restrooms are all generally located close to each other, making them less than ideal for those on the opposite side of campus. However with this new plan there is potential for better accommodation.

Similarly Cal State, Fullerton has had plans in progress to add to their eight restrooms they converted in 2016. Which will near 30 all gender restrooms in total.

“I’m so happy that CSUF is making a big effort in this area as well. A lot of our students transfer to CSUF and if our students can experience the same acceptance and access here and there, I think that’s just wonderful,” McPheron said.

If any harassment happens to any students using the all gender bathrooms, McPheron suggests to alert faculty to allow for immediate action.

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