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FC offers a one of a kind metrology learning experience

Fullerton College machine technology department became one of the first schools in California to offer a metrology training program beginning in the fall 2018 semester. Students get to learn a hands-on experience with some of the leading technological equipment supported by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

“This is one of the few metrology programs currently offered in the country,” said Daniel O’Brien, department coordinator and instructor. “Metrology is a growing field, it has been in existence ever since it was important to insure manufactured parts and components met engineering and design specifications.”

Metrology is the scientific study of measurement. It is used in various technical trades such as welding, fabrication and machinist. The program currently offers two certifications, the metrology and mini metrology certificate, which prepare students for in demand entry-level manufacturing employment.

Fullerton College Metrology student works with new Romer Absolute Arm equipment. Photo credit: Elizabeth Reyes,Quality Magazine

“The mini certificate introduces manufacturing, machining, and metrology to students. It will help a student start an entry level job,” said Ken Starkman, dean of the technology and engineering division. “The advanced certificate includes more complex manufacturing and machining processes as well as greater use of metrology equipment and software.”

All courses offered through the program for certification are also transferable to any CSU and can be used towards an associates or bachelor’s degree.

Hexagon manufacturing technologies has partnered with FC to integrate PCDMIS software into the curriculum; this software is used for the storage of measurement data. The basis of the company specializes in the development of products for industrial manufacturers.

“Because manufacturing is a highly statistical process, no one wants an airplane or medical device to fail, the manufacturing companies, even the government requires statistical data be kept to ensure part or assembly quality,” Starkman said.

As an extension of the machine technology program, students can expect to utilize new metrology equipment in the primary courses, such as coordinate measuring machines (CMM), portable measuring machines (PCMMs), ROMER Absolute arms and laser scanners.

“Students should be aware of lucrative employment positions available for those who possess skills in this area, students can work as an inspector or metrologist in many fields such as aerospace, defense, automotive, commercial products, medical manufacturing just to name a few,” said O’Brien.

With FC being one of the largest trade technical schools in California, the new development of this program enables students to train and be better equipped to enter lucrative careers and meet the demand of local companies.

“My favorite aspects about the program is that we have excellent instructors. They are experts and most of the instructors use metrology technology every day in business,” Starkman continued. “Also, Hexagon Metrology which may be the largest metrology company in the world has been a fantastic partner in supporting our program.”