FC Library presents their third annual Banned Book contest

Myah Phillips

The Fullerton College Library is hosting its third annual Banned Book contest, and encourages students to submit essays regarding the nature of censorship and its effect on literature.

Students entering the contest must answer one of four questions designed to prompt open-minded, thought provoking responses that will garner a discussion regarding one’s freedom to read.

Students who plan on entering the contest must submit their 500-1000 word essay entry by 3:30 p.m. on Friday Oct. 12.

Those who place first, second and third will receive prize money ranging from $200, $100, and $50 respectively.

“I believe that any and everyone should have the freedom to read, and the freedom to access information,” said FC student programming librarian Valentin Macias. “Right now, we live in an age where there are people who believe that others shouldn’t have access to certain books because it either has something against their moral principles or it goes against their own political values, seeing it as dangerous.”

Macias believes books should not be censored or banned because books are important tools meant to create logic and reason in order to foster ideas and create debates. They should not be silenced.

The contest serves as a way for students to challenge themselves and the world they live in, and decide for themselves whether censorship is something society should engage in.

“This is meant to be a judgement call, to read a book, think critically about it, and make a decision,” added Macias. “We live in an age where there is censorship everywhere, and the contest is an opportunity for students to speak out, and take in the message: is freedom to information really something we should cherish, or something that should be tightly regulated?”

For more information about the requirements for the contest, visit the Fullerton College library website.