Social justice movie night teaches students about the Death Penalty executioners

Michelle Lobato

On Thursday, Oct. 11, Fullerton College political science department hosted a social justice movie night in Room 1420. The film, “There Will Be No Stay” was shown to students where they learned about those affected by the death penalty — the executioners.

This film presented all of the stages of the death penalty, more specifically what the executioners must go through. With no training or counsel they are thrown into the death rooms to commit a legal homicide. An intense moment in the movie was when an ex-executioner stated, “Society supported me turning into a serial killer.”

Discussion time
Alex, a leading member of DPFG holding a discussion after the movie in room 1420. Photo credit: Michelle Lobato

The film was followed by a discussion where students got the opportunity to share their thoughts, ask questions, and discuss amongst each other about the death penalty.

“I was in the middle about this issue because I didn’t know enough information, but now after watching this and seeing that we are teaching people not to kill by killing others, is like teaching a child not hit people and then hitting them,” said FC student Sydney Anderson.

With elections coming up soon, political science professor Jodi Balma, made sure she kept students informed on how to vote.

“I think it’s really crucial to get students engaged whether that’s about social justice or local elections…getting them to know who to vote for. I think that’s the most important thing is to educate people not just that they need to vote but also how to find information,” said professor Balma.

Prof. Jodi Balma
Professor Jodi Balma teaching a short lesson after the movie, in room 1420. Photo credit: Michelle Lobato

For those who missed this event, but are interested in learning about voting on issues like this, Professor Balma will host an election forum on Oct. 30 at noon in Room 224. You can also visit to learn more about the death penalty.