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FC women’s volleyball takes victory over Golden West

This is the second consecutive win for the lady Hornets after their victory against Riverside College, Oct. 10.

The Hornets opened the first set with a kill from Sophomore outside hitter Lauren Schaefer. Fullerton continued to add three more points, taking control of the momentum early in the game.

Sophomore outside hitter Lauren Schaefer spikes the ball for a kill against Golden West Oct. 12. Photo credit: Ciera Chavez

Freshman outside hitter Amanda Henderson took advantage of the empty spaces left by the Rustlers defense as she jumped up towards the net to lay an impressive spike on the ball.

The Hornets offenses continued to prevail throughout the first, forcing Golden West to call a timeout as the Hornets extended the lead to 10-2.

Fullerton sophomore setter Kailyn “KK” Case, delivered a quick set over the net which caught Golden West by surprise and scored an easy point for the Hornets. “This technique requires use of…your peripheral to see if the center of the court is open, then you just throw it over,” Case said.

After a couple quick sets by Case, one Gold West player shouted, “watch number three,” which is Case’s jersey number. During the next rally, Case once again was a force to be reckoned with as she continued to dominate the floor by scoring another point for the Hornets.

Hornets setter Kailyn “KK” Case, sets up freshman middle blocker Holly Call for a spike Oct.12.

As the first set comes to an end, the Hornets offense was too strong and came out on top with 25-13 victory.

Shaking off the first set, Golden West came out firing on all cylinders by adding the first points on the score board. The scoreboard was going back and forth until it became 7-8. Fullerton broke away and took the lead. FC’s Henderson found holes in Golden West’s defense and gave a powerful spike for a point.

Sophomores Case and middle blocker Samara Longstreet guarded the net and blocked Golden West’s attempts at scoring.

Outside Hornets hitter Schaefer said the team, “worked on serve receives and a lot of combo plays,” in preparation for this match.

Fullerton’s offense was unstoppable and forced Golden West called a time out as the Hornets ran the score up 14-8. As they returned to the court, the Rustlers cheered each other on but the match up against the Hornets offense was too much or them to overcome.

The winning point was a spike by Schaefer that ricocheted off the hands of a Golden West blocker and bounced out of bounds to end the second game with a final score of 25-14.

Middle blocker Samaria Longstreet and outside hitter Amanda Henderson go up for a block on the net Oct. 12. Photo credit: Ciera Chavez

In the third and final set, the pace of the game was noticeably faster. Fullerton showed signs of a struggle, making multiple serves into the net allowing Golden West to take the early lead.

As Fullerton trailed Golden West a timeout was called so that the Hornets could find a way to stop the Rustlers and get momentum back on their side.

The Rustlers had a long rally that was quickly halted by Fullerton’s Henderson who blocked a pass at the net that sent the ball to the ground on the opposing side.

Case, silently caught Golden West off guard with a tip back over the net stopping a rally. Fullerton’s offense went on a run and outplayed the Rustlers defense to extend the score to 24-18.

The winning point for the Hornets came from a block by Case and freshman middle blocker Holly Call, that sent a Golden West player diving to the ground for an unsuccessful attempt to save the ball.

The Hornets finished the game in three games with a score of (25-13, 25-14, 25-21).

The Hornets celebrate a victory against Golden West College Oct. 12. Photo credit: Ciera Chavez

FC head coach Megan Glennie continues to stress the importance of practice and said, “if your not working hard in practice there is no way your going to be successful come game day with every win or every loss.”

The Hornets next game is on the road against Santa Ana on Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 5 p.m.