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An eerie history haunts the city of Fullerton

For anyone looking for a good scare but also willing to learn about the history of Fullerton, the Fullerton Museum Center opens their haunted walking tours to the public.

With tickets starting at $20, the public can reserve a spot on this popular tour. The experience of the tour is eerie but wholesome. Attendees are able to hear the community share their puzzling experiences of the paranormal and how some members of Fullerton consider some of these ghosts to be their friends.

The tour takes walking groups around the haunted historic sites in Fullerton, which included Le Potager, Villa Del Sol, and the long uninhabited Fox Theater.

At each site, the tour guide will elaborate on the stories and tales that give each location its mysterious reputation.

The haunted walking tours begin on Oct. 15 through Nov. 2, at the Fullerton Museum Center. Aimee Aul, who the Educational Coordinator at the museum, spoke about how education inspired the tours and how history ties into the eerie haunts of Fullerton.

“About 18 years ago our director at the time wanted to do a Halloween event. The idea at that time was to do a spooky haunted house, and I was like no let’s make it educational. It turns out that there’s a lot of ghost stories here in town that could also be used to teach Fullerton history,” said Aul.

She also spoke about how the tour gets the community excited about local folklore.

“I think people that are not that interested in history but come here for the ghost stories learn a little bit about history. I think it’s good for people to just get out of the cars and walk and interact with each other,” said Aul.

The garden of the Le Potager. Aimee Aul talked about the impeccable ghostly but non-daunty taste shown in the interior and exterior of the home. Photo credit: Rebecca Hiraheta

Susan Rhein, is a Fullerton native since the age of nine and loves learning about her city’s history.

“I love hearing the history even though I already know it, I love how they impart knowledge,” said Rhein.

The Fox Theatre
The Fox Theater is the most popular haunt in the community. NOCPS told ghost stories about their paranormal experiences they have had inside of the old theater. Photo credit: Rebecca Hiraheta

During the tour, attendees will get the opportunity to explore the paranormal phenomena surrounding the Fox Theatre in Downtown Fullerton. Tour guides speak about the history of the theater and its architecture. Some might see something spooky themselves while sitting in the chairs of the old structure.

Some people in the community even have their own ghost stories of the Fox Theatre. Including Rhein herself, who was involved in the restoration of the theater.

“Before we closed escrow, we went in with hard hats to clean up the graffiti underneath. I opened a storage closet and then I looked and saw a very bright blue sparkling orb that was behind [my friend]. I wasn’t scared but I thought it was interesting,” recalled Rhein.

The owner of Le Potager, shows his ghost artifact. He explains that the ghost approves of his presence in her home and that he considers her a friend and framed the tag she left for him. Photo credit: Rebecca Hiraheta

Those who fashion themselves paranormal investigators also attend this tour to learn of Fullerton’s rich ghostly history. Investigators study the Fullerton haunted walking tours and the stories that run chills down the spine.

A member of the North Orange County Paranormal Society, who was featured at the tour, spoke about the myriad of paranormal activity within the community that continues to give to the oral history of Fullerton.

“At the end [of the tour], I have sat at Café Hidalgo just listening to stories from other people and their experiences. There’s so many of them, it’s so hard to pinpoint one,” said paranormal investigator Jim VanEeckhoutte.

The Fullerton community can really learn a lot from this tour while getting spooked at the same time. For anyone looking for a local thrill in the city of Fullerton, the haunted walking tour offers a cheaper and historical experience.

“Folklore makes a community establish its identity. Ghosts stories make people feel connected, telling stories keeps the past alive and connects people to their past.” concluded Aimee Aul.

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