Asian American & Pacific Islander forum held at FC

Victor Higuera

The Cadena Cultural Center in collaboration with the Asian Pacific Islander Faculty Staff Association invites all students to join the eighth annual Asian American & Pacific Islander Forum, Oct. 24, 11:45 a.m.-1:15 p.m. at Fullerton College in Room 224.

“October is Filipino American history month and celebrates the accomplishments, contributions, and sacrifices of Filipinos who have paved the way for today’s generation,” said Naomi Abesamis, director of student activities at Fullerton College.

Aligning with the mission of the Cadena Cultural Center, the event hopes to provide opportunities, a greater understanding, and appreciation of different cultures for FC students.

Asian Forum.png
The Cadena Cultural Center, Asian Pacific Islander Faculty & Staff Association invite the campus community to the 8th Annual Asian American & Pacific Islander Forum with Guest Speaker from "Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA). Photo credit: Fullerton College Administration

“It is through this student forum, and the collaboration between the Cadena Cultural Center, the Asian Pacific Islander Faculty Staff Association, and the NOCCCD Office of Diversity & Compliance, that we will share the most prominent historical contributions that Filipinos have made to the social justice movements in the U.S. through the American farm labor movement,” Abesamis continued.

The forum will take place the day before “Larry Itliong Day” a designated day in the state of California to honor this Filipino labor leader. A man who organized 1,500 Filipinos to strike against grape growers in California and paved the way for Asian American farm labor movement.

Representatives from Search to Involve Filipino Americans (SIPA) will also be in attendance to inform students how they can become involved in the Filipino community at Historic Filipino town in downtown Los Angeles.

“My greatest hope is that students will feel inspired to become connected and learn about the Filipino history in California,” Abesamis added. “Students will hopefully come away from this event with a new awareness that Filipino Americans have made significant contributions to the history of the United States.”

For more information on this forum or any other upcoming cultural tours and events, contact the Cadena Cultural Center in Room 212 or call (714) 992-7086.