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Lots of laughs for a great cause

The Comedy Show for Autism gave wholesome laughs to everyone at the Fox Theatre on Fri, Oct. 19.

The show had a good variety of comedians with different senses of humor and styles. This made the show that much more enjoyable because there were jokes for everyone. With talents featuring Erica Rhodes, Keith Reza, Amir K., George Perez, Shannon Penrod and Jay Mohr.

Special guest comedian follows after host Comedian George Perez on Friday, Oct 19. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

Publicist Elysse Acosta helped to run this event. Including all of social media and calendar listing to local websites in Fullerton and getting Fullerton Cares name out there to bring local attention to the show. She was really pleased with the turnout of this event.

“It made me so warm inside to know that people are willing to not only pay for this event to come and see the comedians, but also willing to donate. It’s amazing what this community is capable of.” said Acosta.

This was an event for everyone to attend. Performers were even open to share their personal struggles of their own. As one of the opening comedians, Keith Reza, told the audience he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Being included in this show was important for him.

“I am a person with autism and participate in this event every year Fullerton Cares holds it,” said Keith Reza. “I think it’s a wonderful cause that makes me feel like all of our community comes together for the brightest futures for people with autism.”

Comedian Keith Reza jokes about his challenges with having Autism on Friday, Oct 19. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

Throughout the show there were auctions and donations being made to Fullerton Cares. Some auction items included Disneyland tickets, Los Angeles Lakers basketball tickets and a getaway to Nashville, Tennessee as well as donations reaching $1,000.

Boyd who suffers from autism is asked where to start the bidding for Laker's floor seats against the Thunder Friday night on Oct 19. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

Many families were in attendance as well, including those whose lives were impacted from autism. For a Andrew and Brittani Coyle, a couple attending the event, they shared that their youngest son was diagnosed with autism two years ago.

“Our youngest son Lincoln has autism and doesn’t go to this district, but there are so many things that the schools need for kids with autism and Fullerton cares is able to help provide those things that those children need.” said Brittani Coyle.

Bartender at the event Korin Edmonds enjoyed the show and said she would definitely be returning next year.

“I think this organization raises a lot of awareness, which is really cool. You get a lot of people that don’t really understand the full spectrum of things and they do a really good job of starting from point A and going all the way through.” said Edmonds.

Headliner Comedian Jay Mohr asks an audience member a question on Friday, Oct. 19. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

David Ramirez, a guest at the comedy show, said he thought all the comedians were very entertaining. Even more so because they were performing not just for themselves but for the cause.

“I think it’s awesome that all this profit is going to Fullerton Cares and is benefiting such a great cause. This was my first time attending an event put on by Fullerton Cares and I really did enjoy it. I would like to attend any events they have in the future.” said Ramirez.