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Watch your bikes and lock your car doors as theft and vandalism rocks FC

Petty theft, grand theft and vandalism have been on the rise at Fullerton College throughout 2018. From Oct. 1-Oct. 3, there was a total of four petty thefts, one grand theft and a report of vandalism. The thefts during that time frame included a couple of bikes and a district key set.

Mountain bikes
These bikes have are locked by the encrypted bike locks, Mckamy suggests to students. Photo credit: Julio Marquez

Campus safety coordinator, Jim McKamy, believes bike thefts happen because, “students should be using encrypted bike locks which are sold in the bookstore and not cable locks. Cable locks can be cut in a matter of seconds and then the bike is stolen.”

This year, there has been a total of 15 petty thefts and three grand thefts.

“Students can prevent a theft by keeping a close eyes on things. They should keep valuable items such as phones and laptops with them at all times. Students should never leave their things unattended, even suggesting to take their valuables with them to the restroom,” McKamy continued.

Elizabeth Zuniga, psychology major, believes it is not the school’s responsibility. “All they can really do is put up signs of reminders not to leave your items unattended which is usually the reason for theft.”

The California Penal Codes 488, petty theft is described as the crime of stealing items or money that is worth less than 400 dollars. With penal code 487, grand theft, is the intention of stealing money, labor, or property with a value of over 950 dollars.

“The less fortunate look for opportunities to take advantage and take something they don’t have,” said sophomore biology major, David Arueto.

Daily Crime Log
Descriptions of crime.

There have also been seven vandalism cases, including two in the last month. At least once every month since June, there has been a reported vandalism. Vandalism can be a felony if damages exceed 400 dollars, according to California Penal Code 594.

“Extra patrols are being sent out to check for vandalism. We haven’t caught a person in the action but if you see something, we urge for you to immediately report it,” added McKamy.

Students can check the daily crime log at the campus safety office in front of the North Lemon Street parking structure.