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The benefits of pursuing an AA-T Communications Degree?

Fullerton College’s communication department held a mixer last Thursday, to help students learn how valuable a communications degree is in today’s market and the benefits of transferring to a Cal State with an AA-T Communications Degree.

Department coordinator Matt Taylor was the host speaker, and he discussed what an AA-T Communication Degree is, and the perks of the degree when transferring to a CSU, that includes a 0.1 GPA boost.

Another benefit the AA-T Communication Degree offers to students is that all the classes taken under the AA-T degree are protected. This means when you transfer to a CSU, they have to accept those specific classes.

Taylor urged students to go see their counselors if they have not done so already and to apply for the AA-T program.

Matt Taylor
Fullerton College's Communication Studies Department Coordinator Matt Taylor emphasizes to the audience the benefits of having a communications degree on Thursday, Oct 18. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

“I think that everyone who’s interested in successfully transferring to a four-year college, specifically a CSU, needs to get in and see a counselor and find a purpose-driven education,” said Taylor. “That’s the phrase I think that’s important. Get committed to an AA-T and find a program interesting to you so that we can help you accomplish your goals.”

As Taylor finished introducing the AA-T program to the students, he turned the floor over to CSUF & CSULB representatives to talk about their communication studies programs.

Department chair of human communication studies at Cal State Fullerton, Jon Bruschke talked about the three main programs his division emphasizes in that include intercultural communication, health communication, and communication & debate.

“At Cal State Fullerton, there are four different departments we have for communications. Cal State Long Beach is one big thing. Our departments are much smaller and focused as there are 300 majors, so you’ll actually have the experience to get to know all your professors and classmates with an inner close feeling,” Bruschke explained.

Department Chair of Human Communication Studies at Cal State Fullerton Jon Bruschke discusses the different communication studies programs CSUF has to offer on Thursday, Oct 18. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

Cal State Long Beach communication studies department chair, Dr. Ann Johnson spoke after Bruschke, she gave general information about CSULB and their communication programs. She mentioned how they have over 1200 majors along with a couple hundred minors. There are three major options to choose from within the communication program that includes general, interpersonal organizational, and public communication/rhetoric.

In addition, CSULB is designated as a Hispanic serving institution and is one of the most ethnically diverse campuses in the entire California State System.

Communication Studies Department Chair at Cal State Long Beach Dr. Ann Johnson talks about what CSULB has to offer its students on Thursday, Oct 18. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

Students from both CSU universities were also there to give testimonials about their experience in the communication programs.

The last segment of the mixer provided students transfer information from two of Fullerton College’s counselors about the AA-T program.

“I learned that communication is key and will improve your job marketability,” said kinesiology student, Tyler Goetes.

“When we look at all the studies and look at employers, the number one thing they look for generically when hiring new people, the answer is always strong effective foundational verbal communication skills,” said Fullerton College communication professor Jeffery Samano.” That’s exactly what the AA-T provides. It offers students an opportunity to take public speaking, interpersonal, small group, argumentation, and intercultural”