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First appeal denied for FC Football

The first appeal for FC did not go as planned as they were denied their first appeal by the Southern California Football Association.

FC is now waiting for a decision on a second appeal with the California Community College Athletic Association.

The Hornets were handed six official sanctions following an investigation that was conducted in late May. FC declared to appeal two of the six sanctions recommended to the football program as to not lose their 2017 championship and to keep their game record for the past and current season.

According to SCFA, FC has been handed down the following six sanctions for the Fullerton College football program. Due to the self-report, FC is prepared to accept four of the six sanctions. The Hornets are appealing two of the remaining sanctions, in bold:


1. The Fullerton College Football Program is placed on probation for two (2) years (October 3, 2018 to October 2, 2020), supervised by the college president and the SCFA commissioner.


2. All Fullerton College football team wins in which the ineligible students participated (regular season game schedule) during the 2017 football season are vacated. Those games were reported as games played on Sept. 2, 9, 23, 30, October 28, November 4, and 11. Therefore, Fullerton College’s regular season record for the 2017 season will be reflected as 3-7 in the official final statistics along with their 2017 championship must be vacated and the championship plaque returned.


3. All Fullerton College football wins in the 2018 season, in which any of the identified students who received special benefits participated in, are forfeited.


4. The college will develop and implement an oversight plan to monitor assistance for housing of student athletes from out of the district recruitment area and verify that no special privileges are provided to student athletes, other than the services that are provided to the general student population.


5. The college will report on the in-service activities provided to the football program personnel relating to adherence to Bylaw 2. Meeting minutes will be documented and shared with the College President and the SCFA commissioner.


6. The Fullerton College football program will be suspended from post-conference competition for the 2018 football season in accordance with the Level I infraction Chart of 2017. This suspension may be extended for additional year(s) if the probation reporting requirements, listed above, are not met or additional violations are committed.


Fullerton College submitted a formal appeal letter that was followed by an appeals hearing with the CCCAA. No change in win/loss records have been made and won’t be until the appeal process is concluded. Fullerton College will not be attending the 2018 postseason in compliance with the CCCAA sanctions.

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    Michael L ThomasNov 12, 2018 at 3:37 am

    THAT IS B.S.!