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Democrats take lead in California’s midterm elections

Last night’s 2018 midterm elections proved a successful night for Democratic candidates running for office.

Gavin Newsom
Gavin Newsom was elected at the 40th governor of California on Nov. 6. Photo credit:

Gavin Newsom, newly-elected California governor, was among multiple Democratic political candidates elected in the 2018 midterm elections.

Some election results were close while others established a clear lead.

Eleni Kounalakis won the race for Lieutenant Governor over fellow Democrat Ed Hernandez.

Incumbents further secured their spots in the midterm elections. Alex Padilla was re-elected as Secretary of State over Republican candidate Mark P. Meuser.

Another incumbent re-elected was Democrat and State Controller Betty T. Yee. Attorney General Xavier Becerra was re-elected and incumbent Dianne Feinstein kept her spot as U.S. Senator.

The treasurer position went to Democratic candidate Fiona Ma. The State Supreme Court Justices elected were Carol A. Corrigan and Leondra R. Kruger.

It was a close call between the votes for State Insurance Commissioner and the votes for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Democrat Ricardo Lara was elected Insurance Commissioner with less than half a million votes more than Independent candidate Steve Poizner. The elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, Marshall Tuck, won his race by an even smaller margin to opponent Tony K. Thurmond.

The ballot measures that passed and failed will put major changes in place for the state.

Proposition Results

A majority of the ballot measures concern with the state selling bonds. Bonds are a form of debt security from investors. These bonds come from investors and corporations that will provide the money used by the state and receive interest over a certain amount of time, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Yes on Prop 1

This proposition called for bonds to fund veteran and affordable housing.

With this proposition coming into place, this means that the state can sell four billion dollars in bonds to be used towards affordable housing programs already in place to house veterans, low-income residents, farmworkers and build manufactured and mobile homes, housing with nearby transportation and infill properties which already have public infrastructure.

Yes on Prop 2

This proposition called for amending the housing programs already in place for people with mental illnesses like the No Place Like Home Program.

Since it passed, the state can use mental health funds that it’s receiving annually to pay for housing and treatment options. This measure will focus on supporting people who are homeless and have mental illnesses.

No on Prop 3

This proposition called for allowing 8.877 billion dollars worth of bonds to be sold going towards projects focused on water and environmental concerns.

The bonds in question will not be sold and used for projects for water supply and quality, watershed, wildlife, fish, groundwater sustainability and water conveyance.

Yes on Prop 4

This proposition was in favor of selling bonds to provide construction of children’s hospitals.

It was approved by voters and will allow for 1.5 billion dollars in bonds to be used towards revamping and constructing California Children’s Hospitals to keep them up to date with treatment technologies and research methods.

No on Prop 5

Proposition 5 was proposed to allow for all senior homeowners and other qualified members to be exempt from property taxes put in place when they move to a new residence.

Since the measure wasn’t passed, only certain homeowners over the age of 55, along with severely disabled homeowners and those with disaster-destroyed and contaminated homes will be able to receive the property tax reduction if they move.

No on Prop 6

Proposition 6 called for a reduction of the gasoline and vehicle taxes that have recently been passed by the state legislature.

The proposition was not passed. Therefore, the gas and car taxes will stay in place and that money will pay for repairing damaged roads and funding transportation costs. The legislature can continue to raise the gas and vehicle tax since this measure did not go through.

Yes on Prop 7

Proposition 7 called for changing our current Daylight Savings time period.

This means with the Legislature’s decision, we will no longer have the time changes in March and November, that economists and medical researchers find bad for our health and negatively affect our productivity.

No on Prop 8

This proposition proposed that the state would control how much outpatient kidney dialysis clinics charge for treatment.

The “no” vote on this measure means that kidney dialysis clinics will not have their revenue regulated and do not have to pay rebates. This will keep clinics open and operating as they previously were.

No on Prop 10

Proposition 10 was proposed to expand the local government’s power over rent control.

With the disapproval of the proposition, state law will continue to regulate the rent control and policies that counties and cities have put on local residences.

Yes on Prop 11

This measure called for emergency medical technicians and paramedics belonging to private ambulance companies to be on-call during work breaks.

The proposition was passed and will allow for private-sector ambulance companies to keep employees on call for 911 emergencies during rest and meal breaks. The breaks would be rescheduled if cut short or interrupted due to an emergency.

Yes on Prop 12

This proposition proposed new standards for farm animal conditions and prohibiting the sale of products that do not follow the animal safety standards.

A “yes” on proposition 12 will now put requirements in place for farmers to keep their animals out of confining spaces. If farmers do not follow the new regulations, their animal products will not be sold by California businesses.

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