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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Local musicians light up the night owl on open mic night

The Night Owl is a local coffee shop located on Harbor in Downtown Fullerton. They have been hosting open mic nights for about five years and they were originally held every week, but now they are held once a month.

Every first Tuesday of the month in particular, The Night Owl hosts Music Open Mic night. Giving the opportunity for local musicians to take the stage and perform with their various instruments or their voice.

These open mic nights are hosted by Rod Harrison and start off at 7:30 p.m. Anyone is encouraged to attend the open mic to either perform or enjoy the scene.

rod harrison
Night Owl host Rod Harrison announces the next performer to take the stage and perform for the audience. Photo credit: Teann Williams

“I’ve been hosting the last couple of years. It all began inside when The Night Owl first got started. They had the idea of having open mic nights. My good friend John started an open mic inside and everyone would squeeze in there and perform on that little stage. It stayed in there for maybe a year or so.” said Rod Harrison.

In attending the open mic event, you are instantly in the action as performers are all around waiting for their turn.

All different types of music are performed. From Hip Hop to Acoustic Rock, the audience showed their encouragement by applauding and cheering for all performers. The Night Owl’s open mic night is a safe place for both experienced and new performers to showcase their talent.

One of the few first performers was Sam Addy who played guitar. He has performed at multiple mic nights in Long Beach and it was his first time performing at the Night Owl.

“I only started singing about a year or two ago and it just adds so much more to a set. If you sing you gain a wider audience and I like playing songs the crowd recognizes,” said Addy. “My favorite thing about performing at open mic nights is definitely the communities that are involved. Playing at these open mic nights every one is always really friendly and introduces themselves after you play. Everyone is just really nice and interactive.”

There were a variety of genres played so there was music for everyone to enjoy. Open Mic nights are open to anyone and it is great way to meet new people all while listening to some good music.

Sabrina Pacheco has been coming to the Night Owl for a while and enjoys to support her friends who are performers.

“I’ve been here for at least a year and a half and just consistently coming every month. They used to do it every week and then they cut that down so it’s really special when we come to see everyone play once a month.” said Pacheco.

The Night Owl’s Open Mic nights are also a place for couples to come hangout and enjoy some coffee and listen to music. Dane Friedericksen and his girlfriend Lynn Vuong occasionally attend the Open Mic night.

“I like seeing all the new performers and I like seeing people with original songs. There is a lot of good talent. People come with all sorts of instruments, which is really interesting.” said Friedericksen.

night owl open mic audience
Night Owl goers can sit down in the patio and enjoy local musicians perform on open nights. All while enjoying their favorite roast of coffee. Photo credit: Teann Williams

Rafael-Carlo Serrato has performed at previous open mic nights at the Night owl. He loves music and tries to perform at open mic nights as much as possible.

“I actually started performing at open Mic nights in around March. I try to perform about three times a week usually in Long Beach and in Fullerton,” said Serrato. “So my album the “The Ferryman” is a folk album and since March all the proceeds are donated to this organization called Little Kids Rock. It’s an organization that brings music and musical programs to public schools across America.”

He also talked a little bit about an album that he wrote called “The Ferryman.”

The average time span for The Night Owl’s Music Open Mic Nights is about four hours with typically over 30 performers. The next open mic night will be held on Tuesday December 4th. Anyone is welcome to sign up as long as you make one purchase and show your receipt when signing up. The sign-ups start at 7 p.m. and the music begins at 7:30.

“I love hearing music and you never know what you’re going to hear. It’s always full of surprises,” said Host Rod Harrison.