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FC’s fall chorale concert delights again

Fullerton College’s yearly fall chorale concert has come again and delivered an excellent performance with its variety of songs.

Fall Men's and Women's Chorale concert program
All the songs performed and members of the choir in the Fall 2018. Photo credit: Jazlyn Morales

With its much-loved women’s choir and its fairly new men’s choir, their performances gave the audience a variety of melodies with their wide range of voices.

Fall Women's Choir
The 2018 Fall Women's Choir on stage. Photo credit: Jazlyn Morales

The first half of the show was performed by the women’s choir of 50 students led by Professor Nicola Bertoni. They started with the opening number, “Sigh No More”, which was short and strong. It set the scene for the night.

The next performance was “Wir eilen mit schwachen from Cantata 78.” Professor Nicola Bertoni introduced it stating, “This is one of the pieces that makes me say ‘I’m crazy, this is way too complicated’” and that they worked very hard on it. The piece was beautifully sung by the choir.

Continuing on the group sang the song “Lullaby” written by Bertoni’s friend Daniel Elder. They proceeded to sing “Under the Willow” which involved the choir to move around the stage. “Old Time Religion” which was the women’s choir’s grand finale, had the audience participate.

The second half of the show focused on the men’s choir, led by Dr. Arian Khaeli. This Men’s Chorale was first established last year starting with only nine members. Now, they are at 23 members and expected to continue to grow.

The Fall Men's Chorale
The Men's Chorale is set to perform as Dr. Arian Khaeli introduces their next song. Photo credit: Jazlyn Morales

The men’s choir’s first song of the night was “Brothers, Sing On!” which included an a cappella introduction and set the tone for the night. Up next was a song called “For The Fallen,” which was a tribute war song. It was a soft, sweet yet sad song of remembrance.

The choir then sang, “She Moved Through the Fair” which they dedicated to Nicola Bertoni who is soon-to-be married to her fiance.

The grand finale of the night was the men’s choir’s “Motown Medley.” Divided in four parts, they performed “The Way You Do the Things You Do”, “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)”, “I’ll Be There” and “Love Train”.

“Motown Medley” had a band come up and join the choir. The members of the choir were dancing and having a great time on stage. Some members sang solos during the performance.

“My favorite song of the night would have to be the “Motown Medley,” choir member Celso Rodriguez said. “It’s a good representation of how we feel when we’re singing together.”

This finale had the audience clapping along and you couldn’t help but smile as the show came to a close.

As the night ended, everyone scattered off in excitement to collect their things and, to be with family and loved ones celebrating a successful show.

If you missed this choir concert, there will be another event this semester for Christmas on Friday, Dec. 7, at 7:30 p.m. Not only will there be the men’s and women’s choir, but the chamber and concert choir will be performing as well.

For more information about the Fullerton College Music Department go to their website.