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FC Health Services encourages students to a “cold turkey challenge”

FC Student Health Services brought out community organizations and resources in hopes it will help students stay healthy and sober by participating in a “cold turkey challenge” on the quad on Nov.14.

The challenge was created for The Great American Smoke Out, which was supported by the American Lung Association, it was a day for people who smoke to commit to quitting and lead a ‘smoke-free life.’

“We are asking students to commit to quit smoking or any other unhealthy behavior they can commit to, and we give them a cold turkey sandwich and resources related to substance abuse and smoking,” said Kelly Salazar, FC Health Education Coordinator. This will be the third year Salazar has helped organize the substance abuse fair for the campus.

Kelly Salazar and Alida Corrales hand out resources at the FC substance abuse fair. Photo credit: Ayanna Banks

Some of the organizers that participated in this years fair was, Alcohol Anonymous, FC Food Bank, Health Services, RADD The Entertainment Industry’s Voice for Road Safety, The OC National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), and Waymakers OC.”

The RADD project, the entertainment industry’s voice for road safety, was in attendance to bring awareness about the safety of drinking and driving. They were one of the risk reduction organizations present at the fair.

RADD is funded by the California office of traffic safety and is also partnered with companies like Toyota and Scion. Currently, it is located on 53 college campuses throughout the state of California.

RADD Coalition manager Marian Novak set up a game for students to play to bring awareness to driving under the influence. Photo credit: Ayanna Banks

“We work with hospitality businesses in California, they honor the designated driver so if you come into their bar and let them know you are the sober driver, they will give you free non-alcoholic beverages and some even give people free food,” said Marian Novak, RADD manager. “I love working on college campuses and educating students so they can make better decisions later on in life because the age range 21-27 has the highest DUI’s which is mostly college students,” she adds.

RADD’s participating partners, who honor this policy in Fullerton, are well known restaurants and bars such as, 601 Bar & Grill, Heroes Bar & Grill, Back Alley, Bourbon Street Bar & Grill, Commonwealth Lounge & Grill, Envy Ultra Lounge, Joe’s, Hopscotch, Matador Cantina, and The Pint House.

Along with RADD, the NCADD attended the fair for their second year to let students know what type of resources are available to them in the community.

“We are a non-profit organization we receive government and county funds to do prevention education for alcohol, tobacco and other drugs,” said Alyssa Juguilon Ches, OC NCADD project coordinator. “I believe it’s important to teach people about practicing good health behaviors, especially college students,” she added.

Furthermore, with the resources the organizations provided for substance abuse and smoking, FC health services refers students to Alcohol Anonymous and the Anaheim Regional Medical Center. The AHMC is a resource in Orange County that provides class sessions on quitting tobacco usage. People who participate in the program receive free nicotine patches and behavioral coaching.

“I think quitting smoking is important for our campus because we are a smoke-free campus, it is a good way to educate people about it and offer free local resources to help them quit,” said Salazar.

Students interested in any on campus or local resources for smoking or substance abuse can refer to the Student Health Services website: