Future of the Shuttle Service at Fullerton College

Bovie Lavong

Due to the effectiveness of the shuttle service that was initially offered for the first six weeks of the 2018 fall semester, Fullerton College will bring back the shuttle service for the upcoming 2019 spring semester. The shuttle service proved to be successful early on when it was extended for an extra month due to the heavy usage.

The shuttle service for the 2019 spring semester will also be available for the first six weeks of the semester. However, the shuttle service may be extended depending on how frequent the service is used by students, just like the 2018 Fall Semester.

The overflow parking lot where the shuttle service runs features 140 spots for students to use. Fullerton College also plans on using The Plumber Structure that is owned by the city of Fullerton as an additional parking space for students pending proper permit displayed by Fullerton College.

parking lot.jpg
Overflow lot facing west of Walgreens on the south side Chapman Avenue between Raymond Avenue and Victoria Drive. Photo credit: Fullerton College news center

Lisa McPheron, director of campus communications at Fullerton College, gives insight on the shuttle service during the 2018 fall semester and how much it was used to determine the future of the service for the upcoming Spring Semester.

“The shuttle service was initially provided for the first six weeks of school and then extended another month because the lot was still heavily used. During the peak times of the day, which are from about 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., the lot was about 80 percent full. As the semester went on, usage began to dip.”

The shuttle service is a temporary solution for students to use while the school plans its expansion on additional parking, as one of the Measure J funded projects will be a parking structure with approximately 840 spots. This measure’s estimated groundbreaking timeframe is set for early 2023, with the goal of completion by mid-2024.