FC spreads the love with kindness tree

Myah Phillips

In a tradition that has occurred for two years now, the Classified Senate put up a kindness tree display, asking students to place leaves inscribed with the kindness’ they are the most grateful for.

“I think the main idea behind the FC Kindness Campaign is to encourage kindness in our campus community and the community around us,” said Elizabeth Ledezma Renteria, classified senate senator. “The trees are a way for us to reflect on kindness and things we are grateful for.”

Students share the love as they write about what they are thankful for. Photo credit: Myah Phillips

A source of positivity during this holiday season, the display asks students to think about their place in not only the FC community, but amongst their friends, family and city.

“I’m grateful for this awesome FC family that I get to work with,” said Renteria. “I’ve come across so many people in this FC community that really care about Fullerton College and the students. It is nice to work with people that have such big hearts.”

Entitled Kindness Leaves Goodness, the display was a part of the Classified Senate’s larger effort to engage the FC community in one thousand acts of kindness.

The display was up from November 13-15 in the 200 building. The Classified Senate was also collaborating with the food bank to collect food and warm clothing. For more information, contact the senate at https://classifiedsenate.fullcoll.edu/senators/.