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Quirk-Silva re-elected to Assembly’s 65th district

Sharon Quirk-Silva got to keep her seat of the 65th Assembly District as she won by an eight percent margin against Republican candidate Alex Coronado.

Quirk-Silva had 53 percent of the vote, while Coronado had 47percent.

Quirk-Silva currently represents the 65th Assembly District, which covers Anaheim, Buena Park, Cypress, Fullerton, La Palma, and Stanton. She is representing the interests of these cities by voting and processing bills to pass or not pass. As a Fullerton native currently representing her hometown, as she looks forward to continuing to improve the problems facing the homeless population.

Incumbent Sharon Quirk Silva has officially won to keep her seat as the 65th district assemblywoman. She will be heading back to Sacramento in January. Photo credit:
Republican candidate Alexandria Coronado ran for the 65th district seats in hopes of replacing incumbent Sharon Quirk Silva. She has been declared as the one who has lost. Sharon Quirk Silva got to keep her seat. Photo credit: Facebook

“I’m very passionate about making sure we do something about it versus ignoring it,” said Quirk-Silva.

The assemblywoman believes that the problems facing the homeless population will need the help of both the state and local government, including city constituents to help resolve the ongoing problems.

Quirk-Silva came into politics as a way to help the underserved areas in her community. She held her sixth big election for State Assembly at the local Mexican restaurant, El Farolito Jr of Fullerton, in Downtown Fullerton.

“I see her restoring the faith in the political system to the people she reaches out to,” said Eddie Carmona, a Campaign Aid for Quirk-Silva.

Carmona also added how the assemblywoman keeps her word and helps her hometown, especially the community of veterans.

The campaign party proved to be wholesome and showed that labeling her as merely a regular politician does not do her justice, she has shown to be a leader in the community, passionate about helping the people she represents. Her local community really came out in honor of her and celebrate as she got re-elected.

“I have often been an underdog, this area of North Orange County is a tough area for a Democrat to win, but things are changing slowly,” said Quirk-Silva, reflecting on her win. “There has been a lot of enthusiasm to vote in younger people and people of diverse backgrounds this election.”

Quirk-Silva takes a photo with her team and other supporters such as her family, thanking everyone for supporting her through this election. Photo credit: Rebecca Hiraheta

As an inspiration to not only her community but also to her husband Jesus Silva, a City Council member of Fullerton, Silva spoke about her passion for making a difference and how one day he may walk in her footsteps. He supports her endeavors through running some errands for her, and also politically while she is up in Sacramento.

“On the local side, whatever happens around here in terms of news, politically, socially, I keep her up to speed. And then just support her wherever I can.” said Silva.

Before serving in the assembly in 2016, Quirk-Silva started her political career when she got voted into Fullerton City Council in 2004; she took on the election as an underdog and won. She served in various organizations including serving as vice chairwoman of Orange County Council of Governments and served on the board of Orange County Sanitation District.