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A timeless tale “Fuente Ovejuna” comes to FC.

Oppressed and abused, the townspeople of Fuente Ovejuna rise above the tyrannical control under the Order of the Calatrava, to murdering Fernando Gomez de Guzman, the Chief Commander of the Order.

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Often adapted to fit modern times, Fuente Ovejuna is a timeless tale about people standing together against corruption, tyranny, and abuse. Photo credit: FC Theater Department

Though set in the 1400s, the show tackles issues still prevalent today. From sexual assault to freedom from oppression, “Fuente Ovejuna” is a timeless tale not for the faint of heart.

“What makes this show one not to be missed is how timeless it is. This play was written over 400 years ago and the themes it touches on, we as modern people are still grappling with, especially in the era of the ‘MeToo’ movement and #TimesUp,” said Minerva Garcia, the director. “Things we in society thought we’d move past, are so entrenched in the culture, they keep springing back up, even in different ways.”

The women of Fuente Ovejuna take the brunt of the Commendador's abuse, making them thirsty for revenge. Photo credit: Candice Clasby

A truly inspired tale, the plot against the Comendador is heralded by the women of Fuente Ovejuna, who have taken the most abuse from his presence. The head of the crusade, Laurencia, played by Joanne Svendsen, is an icon to not only her fellow townspeople, but to the audience members. Svendsen utilizes strong facials and engaging intonations to fulfill the impact that her character requires. Her voice rings loud above the rest of the chorus and her strength never wavers.

Laurencia’s best friend, Pascuala, played by Cindy Sanchez, is also a force to reckoned with. Sanchez holds her neck and sashays across the stage with poise and grace. Whether dancing, doing laundry or being tortured, Sanchez brings an intense and phenomenal performance as the levelheaded confidante.

Poised and wise, Cindy Sanchez as Pascuala has a consistent and phenomenal stage presence. Photo credit: Candice Clasby

Justyn Gonzalez as the Comendador is a phenomenal villain. He has a constant sneer present on his face as he slinks around the village, a cruel deliberation obvious with every stride. His evil nature is palpable as the chorus cowers in fear of his predatory and penetrating gaze.

Justyn Gonzalez astounds as the cruel and malicious Comendador. Photo credit: Candice Clasby

Emmanuel Hernandez as Laurencia’s love interest, Frondoso, has rosy cheeks and a wide smile. A symbol of the strength within innocence, Frondoso is a constant source of positivity.

With a script of both English and Spanish, “Fuente Ovejuna” is a beautiful, Shakespearean production that is easy to get lost in. FC brings an amazing level of dramatism and soul to the production that will have the audience gasping, crying and screaming “Viva Fuenteovejuna!” by the show’s end.

“‘Fuente Ovejuna’ has a special place in the theater canon of the world because it encompasses many events,” said Garcia. “It has romance, it has war and it has sword fights, so it’s a dream play.”

The show runs from Thursday, Nov. 29, to Saturday, Dec. 1, at 7:30 p.m. in the Bronwyn Dodson Theatre. Tickets are $15 at the door and $12 presale.

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