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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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From Veteran’s Day to Veteran’s Week

The quad was at attention with FC veterans and files of flags planted in the ground to kick off FC’s Veteran’s Week on Monday, Nov. 5.

Monday’s Field of Heroes Dedication was hosted by Nick Arman, a counselor and faculty coordinator who is a combat veteran serving during the Iraq War, began with the Marine Corps Color Guard marching in where they later presented arms and left the campus. Arman started a speech recognizing all the departments and volunteers that helped run the event. President Greg Schulz was invited to speak in which he thanked the volunteers and VRC who created the memorial display.

“We’re really proud to be home to hundreds and hundreds of students who are vets themselves and are relatives of those who are serving actively in the US Armed Forces.” Schulz said.

Gilbert Contreras, vice president of student activities spoke to talk about his personal history with the armed forces as some of his family members served. Contreras went on to talk about how soldiers have deep commitment which carry over even into their education.

Gil Contreras, vice president of student services speaks about his personal history with veteran’s at the start of FC’s veteran’s week. Photo credit: Ayrton Lauw

Arman invited Rob Doyel, a student veteran who was a submarine communications technician for the Navy to speak. Doyel had a lighthearted speech about his transition from the life in the military to the regular civilian life. He went on to talk about how the VRC was a great resource for people like himself.

“The VRC has a great group of people, even if you don’t need help with anything just hanging around with people you can be comfortable around makes a huge difference and makes you feel less isolated.” Doyel said.

When previously held as just a day of recognition for veteran’s the Veteran’s Resource Center and the school helped extend the recognition to a whole week of appreciation, celebration and remembrance.

“It’s an opportunity to invite more awareness among our student population as well as the staff at FC, and although we have a veteran’s day holiday in a week, some years it doesn’t fall on the federally recognized holiday, and we wanted to take advantage while our campus committees are on campus to honor veterans.” Schulz said.

Members of the Veteran’s Resource Center and volunteers all contributed to help with the presentation as well as putting the flags lined up all throughout the Quad to respect members of service. Schulz added that the display made by the contributors is breathtaking and how visitors that he’s heard from on campus agree with that sentiment as well.

7,000 flags were planted in the ground by volunteers and other departments on campus in honor of people who have given the ultimate sacrifice since 9/11.. Photo credit: Ayrton Lauw

7,000 flags were planted in the quad’s grass to represent women and men who have given their life serving their country since 9/11.