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“Dog Therapy” helped students destress for finals week

The highest stress point of the semester for most students has arrived. Some look forward to finals week because it means the semester over, while others just think of all the stress it brings.

To help coping with the stress of finals, the associated students have brought back finals hospitality week, which started on Monday, Dec. 3, with the much anticipated segment of “Dog Therapy.”

“The dogs are here to destress students from finals week and to serve as a distraction from finals,” said Shawna Chatman, a member of the Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS) from the Orange County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OCSPCA).

Therapy dog getting pet.
Students sit with dogs for “Dog Therapy” to spend time away from studying and destress during finals week. Photo credit: Julio Marquez

“Many students requested for dog therapy, snacks and drinks by reaching out to us on Instagram” said Stephanie Rodriguez, student service specialist for the Associated Students. This is the second year associated students have brought the dogs for finals week.

“Dog Therapy” was successful among students, that the dogs were invited back for a second day on Tuesday, Dec. 4.

When Finals Are Over
Student posting notes, while other students talk and laugh about what is written. Photo credit: Julio Marquez

Along with “dog therapy”, the “When Finals Are Over” board has returned encouraging students to write about what they will do once the semester is over. FC students will have the entire week to write their plans on post it notes and post it up on the board.

Associated students also provided free snacks, tea, and coffee at the student center, in Room 214, on both Monday and Tuesday. Since this is the week of giving, free scantrons and blue books was available to students all day until Thursday.

Student getting coffee
Student getting coffee to keep himself awake. Photo credit: Julio Marquez

“It’s very important to have a good hospitality for students during finals week so they don’t feel overwhelmed” added Stephanie Perez, president of associated students activities.