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“Water”exhibit continues to splash

Fullerton College is hosting the works of four different artists for an exhibit aptly named “Water.” The exhibit opened January 31, and will end on February 20.

“Soothing to the mind and spirit, a source of fun and danger, water is essential for life,” said Fullerton College Art Department on their website.

The exhibit features work from artists Lindsay Carron and Caroline Zimmerman. All of the artwork is a representation of what water is and how it’s vital to our lives.

It uses a variety of materials such as oil paintings, ink and colored pencils, and ceramics. It is a combination of mixed media, or a variety of different material used in one piece, that creates more abstract pieces.

Lindsay Carron, one of the featured artists, is an activist who has done works with California Wolf Center and Apex Protection Project, citing always having a deep love for wolves.

Lindsay Carron “North 4.0: Courageous Heart” 2015 Photo credit: Victoria Nicholls

Carron has a couple of pieces on display that were done on topo maps that she found while at a thrift store in Juno, AK.

“I went home with about four of those topo maps, and thought these might be kind of fun to experiment with,” said Carron. “It kind of stuck because of the quality. I was really pleased with the result.”

The other featured artist, Caroline Zimmerman, a Laguna Beach resident, has always had a close relationship with water as a surfer. She draws inspiration from the water of a “sheltered tropical sea”.

“In my paintings, water roars…it is ominous and intimidating,” says Zimmerman. “My paintings revealed its own shifting shapes and dancing light—like water, elusive and infinitely satisfying.”

Caroline Zimmermann “Aquamarine II” 2019. One of the featured artists for the exhibit at FC Photo credit: Victoria Nicholls

FC student Destiny Key attended the gallery in her free time. She expressed an interest in the color schemes found in a variety of the artists artwork.

“I’ve been to the exhibit before, but they updated it, so this is the first time I’ve seen this one,” says Key.

The exhibit also features an interactive portion. This encourages viewers to write on a raindrop shaped paper, what their view of water is.

These are being displayed to create a collage of words to show what water means to different people. Some examples that have been displayed so far are “water is life,” “water is art” and “water is wet.”

“Water” will be on display in the art gallery in room 1004 until February 20. The gallery is open Monday through Thursday from 10 A.M. to 12 P.M., and 2 P.M. to 4 P.M.