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FC Student Activities Department host Madden NFL 19 tournament

Are you ready for some football? Football season might be over but at Fullerton College the Student Activities department hosted the first ever Madden NFL 19 tournament in the Student Center.

The tournament will be held over a span of the next 3 weeks every Tuesday from 3-6 pm until the championship round, March 5.

Madden players during the tournament
Angel Ponce (left) and Dalis Bruce (right) feel the pressure in the Madden NFL 19 tournament. Photo credit: Anthony Carrera

“The tournament was to create engagement of athletes and students to come together and bring more awareness of the Student Center to everyone on campus,” said tournament coordinator Victor Corrales.

The rules for the tournament are 7 Minute Quarters, 40 seconds play clock and a mercy rule set at a 35 point lead.1st place is a $50 gift card and two movie tickets. 2nd place is a $25 gift card and two movie tickets.

Video games bring people together of all interests and shows the diversity the types of people that play video games. Usually there is a stigma of people who play video games being labeled as “geeks” or “nerds” but having the different students bond over a common interest brings the Fullerton College community closer together. Esports continues rise in sports entertainment, it gives a different perspective of who plays video games.

Madden NFL 19 Tournament
Fullerton College students compete in Madden NFL 19 tournament Photo credit: Anthony Carrera

“It’s good to have a video game tournament on campus to give a new way to interact with students on campus” said Kennedy Silva, a Political Science major.

During the third round between theater major John Hendricks and Luis Arias, the mercy rule was used with a 35-0 victory in the first half. Hendricks a faithful New York Jets fan, went against Arias’ New Orleans Saints.

Students participating in the tournament
Luis Arias stands after a 35-0 blow out in the first half. Photo credit: Anthony Carrera

After the match Arias stated, “I’ve been playing Madden since Madden NFL 11 and I am normally an Oakland Raiders fan but I decided to pick the New Orleans Saints based on the current roster in Madden ‘19 since they have better players overall.”

The second round of the Madden NFL tournament, will resume next Tuesday, Feb. 26.