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Hornet Softball victorious at Saturday’s doubleheader against the Vikings & Vaqueros

The Lady Hornets dominated at home against Long Beach and Santa Barbara City College in a doubleheader this past Saturday.

In the Hornets first game of the day, they defeated the Vikings 7-6 in a closely contested battle.

Pose after victory Softball
Hornet softball players pose after being victorious in both of their games against Long Beach & Santa Barbara on Saturday, Feb. 23. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

The Hornets were able to go up first 1-0 in the second inning from a good at-bat and clutch hitting. Hornet freshman Khloe Lilavois led off the bottom of the second inning with a double to the right side of center field.

After two outs and Lilavois still on second base, Hornet freshman pitcher Jessica Lopez was able to hit an RBI single up the middle to drive in the Hornet’s first run.

In an eventful top of the fourth inning, the Hornets found themselves in a predicament. Lopez allowed Long Beach to have the bases loaded after recording the first out. The bases loaded came as a result of a walk, error throw to first, and hit by pitch.

As the bases remained loaded, Lopez walked Long Beach’s next batter and the scored was tied at 1-1. Long Beach continued to capitalize on the Hornet’s mistake and would hit a grand slam in their next at-bat to make the score 5-1 in favor of Long Beach.

Lopez would finish out the top of the fourth inning on a high note by striking out the next two batters after giving up the grand slam.

Hornet’s comeback efforts would swiftly begin in the bottom of the fifth inning as they were able to score a run on a passed ball after hitting for a single to get the initial base runner on. This made the deficit only three heading towards the last two innings of the game.

Hornet freshman second baseman Sarah Rengifo makes a routine throw to first base warming up in between innings against Long Beach on Saturday, Feb. 23. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

For the next inning, the Hornets made a strong rally to regain the lead. Hornet freshman second baseman Sarah Rengifo would leadoff the rally with a walk.

After advancing the baserunners to second and third, Hornet freshman Jocelyn Alcala drove in a run off a sac fly to score Rengifo to cut the lead and make the score 5-3.

Hornet sophomore Sabrina Anguiano would single in a run right after. Proceeding Anguiano’s single, Hornet catcher Veronica Garza would walk for her at-bat.

This presented Hornet sophomore outfielder Kaylee Williamson the opportunity to tie the game for the Hornets. Williamson did beyond that and completed the comeback that gave the Hornets a 6-5 lead off her double to left center driving in two runs.

Hornet sophomore pitcher Lulu Vasquez secured the comeback victory by pitching a shutout at the top of the seventh inning to end the game.

Game 2

The lady Hornets beat the Santa Barbara Vaqueros for their second victory of the day, 7-2 in four innings.

Lulu Pitcher
Hornet sophomore pitcher Lulu Vasquez pitches in her second game of the day against Santa Barbara on Saturday, Feb. 23. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

Hornet pitcher Lulu Vasquez started the game by striking out the first two Vaqueros batters. However, Santa Barbara answered back with two runs against Vasquez by hitting a double and a two-run home run in back to back at bats.

Fullerton started to gain back the momentum in the bottom of the first by tying the score at 2-2 off of an RBI double from Williamson and an RBI single from pitcher Lulu Vazquez.

Anguiano was the leadoff hitter for this game. “I could have played a little better,” Anguiano said. She also expressed her role taking on the responsibility to set the pace as the leadoff hitter.

“If it gets me on base and gets our team going then I’ll do what I have to,” Anguiano added.

Hornet sophomore Sabrina Anguiano drives in a run for the Hornets against Santa Barbara on Saturday, Feb. 23, Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

The Hornets maintained their grip on the game coming into the third inning with Vasquez striking out the side. Vasquez had a total of 10 strikeouts in the shortened game.

“I made my adjustments,” Vasquez said. She believes her pitching has improved, “… since yesterday’s game because of those adjustments.”

The Hornets proceeded to add five runs to the scoreboard during the third inning.

“Our bats are awakening slowly but surely,” Anguiano said on the momentum that the team had during the game.

Within the five runs Fullerton scored, the Vaqueros made two pitching changes but, Fullerton scored at least one run with each change.

“Being disciplined at the plate,” Co-Head Coach, Crystal Aguirre said of the work and focus the team has been putting in this season.

Hornet sophomore outfielder Kaylee Williamson scores off a base hit against Santa Barbara on Saturday, Feb. 23. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

During the bottom of the third, a wild pitch thrown by the Vaqueros hit the home plate umpire in the head. The umpire fell to the ground as a result of the hit.

He was examined by Fullerton athletic trainer Lorena Tarnay, prior to resuming his duties as the home plate umpire. After an examination, the umpire was clear to continue behind the plate. Players, coaches and people in the stands clapped loudly for the umpire in appreciation.

After no change of score in the fourth inning, the umpire called an end to the game. The darkening sky made visibility difficult and caused the umpire to call the game for safety reasons.

Coach Aguirre said that the team will, “Take one game at a time and stay focus on that opponent.”

Up next for the Hornets is at Riverside on Monday, Feb. 25 and is a make-up for the Feb. 13 matchup that was rained out.