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FC softball team demolishes Golden West in shutout game

The Hornets softball team blew out the Golden West Rustlers 19-0 in their second shutout win of the season that ended early in the 5th inning.

Hornet softball teammates congratulate one another on the victory over Golden West that pushes their winning streak to six games on Wednesday, Feb. 27. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

Fullerton came out aggressive in the first inning, as they scored a season-high of 12 runs in one inning against the Rustlers.

Hornet starting sophomore pitcher, Lulu Vasquez, started the game off with two strikeouts. Vasquez was able to keep her momentum going as she pitched a no-hitter in the 2nd inning.

Starting off the first inning Hornet shortstop Sabrina Anguiano set the pace as she blasted a triple right past the Rustlers . Anguiano’s at-bat would be followed by Hornets sophomore catcher Veronica Garza’s single to right field allowing Anguiano to score. The onslaught scoring in the first inning allowed the Hornets to bat around the order in the same inning.

When asked about the 12 runs scored in the first inning, Hornet center fielder Kaylee Williamson said, “It encouraged us more there isn’t as much pressure on us as the game goes on.”

Even with a huge lead in the 1st inning, Fullerton never let the score get ahead of themselves and kept their high energy up for the entire game on both sides of the plate. Throughout the game, the lady Hornets continued to cheer on each individual batter with personalized chants to maintain the momentum they had created.

Sarah Rengifo
Hornet freshman second baseman Sarah Rengifo slides into second base as she finished the game with two doubles and three RBIs against Golden West on Wednesday, Feb. 27. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

“It’s important to maintain high energy and we make sure we are on our level the entire game,” said Garza.

Due to the high energy displayed by the Hornets, it got the best of the Rustlers starting pitcher Jennifer Harman. She already looked defeated during the 1st inning.

This continued to progress when Harman walked each of the Hornets. With the bases loaded, Hornet freshman Kindy Favata hit a double to left center resulting to three RBIs.

Fullerton’s Lilavois continued to increase the Hornets lead with a single up the middle that resulted in two RBIs in the 2nd inning. The Hornets managed to score an additional seven runs in the 2nd inning.

Fullerton used the lead to their advantage allowing Vasquez to sit out the remainder of the game. This allowed the Hornets to utilize freshman pitcher Jessica Lopez and sophomore pitcher Kaylee Williamson. Although Williamson is primarily a center fielder, this game gave her the opportunity to get some in-game pitching experience for the final inning.

After 19 runs, Golden West decided to change their pitcher to center fielder Jennifer Eberhardt in the 3rd inning. This move made by the Rustlers was in efforts to try and put a stop to the momentum Fullerton had gained to extend the game which would end shortly per the mercy rule.

J. Lopez
Hornet freshman pitcher Jessica Lopez pitches two scoreless innings to go along with five strikeouts in the Hornets victory over Golden West on Wednesday, Feb. 27. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

Marian “Speedy” Mendoza, Fullerton’s Head Coach spoke on the importance of adding another pitcher to their in-game rotation, “Keep the momentum going, both pitchers leading in the state and we just added Kaylee today. We’re trying to get some innings in so we can have a third pitcher and keep the momentum up with hitting.”

The season is just getting started and with the level of play that was demonstrated in today’s game shows a promising season for Fullerton. The Hornets go on to play Santiago Canyon away on Friday, Mar. 1.