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Student Activities Awards First Madden NFL Tournament Champion

Fullerton Football Coach and class of ‘13 alumnus, Deion Hart demonstrates his gridiron expertise on the virtual field winning the first ever FC Madden Tournament 35-13 against Political Science major, Kennedy Silva.

The Fullerton Student Activities concluded their first ever Madden Football Tournament that took place over the course of three weeks, which started on February 20, with each round played every Tuesday.

Kennedy Silva setting up his offensive play Photo credit: Anthony Carrera

Due to time constraints, Coach Hart played against Fullerton Basketball Forward/Center, Ronnie Stapp on Wednesday of week. Hart smoked Stapp on offense, 27-0, using the Atlanta Falcons.

In the second round Fullerton soccer forward, Angel Ponce, was defeated by Silva in a brutal 52-14 loss.

Hart faced criminal justice major, Luis Arias who previously won with a 35-0 blowout in the first round, but was defeated 21-7 against Coach Hart.

Coach Hart focused on maintaining the lead Photo credit: Anthony Carrera

Coming into the finals both Silva and Hart, eager to play, stuck with their teams used throughout the tournament. Silva picked the Seattle Seahawks and Hart stayed loyal to the Atlanta Falcons. The finals began with a coin toss for home field advantage, with Silva winning the toss.

The first quarter was all defense as the score remained at 0-0. Silva began to fill the pressure come on with the Falcon’s defense giving him a hard time getting into the end zone.

In the second quarter, Silva continued to run the ball out of bounds to keep the clock from running out with only 36 seconds left to score. Silva decided to call his final time out and play it safe by kicking a field goal in order to put some points on the board before the first half ended.

coach hart
Coach Hart gets ready to run a no huddle offensive play. Photo credit: Anthony Carrera

The second half began with Hart receiving the ball which lead to another touchdown against Silva, putting the score at 14-3. Silva still struggling against Hart’s defense, managed to score his first touchdown in the third quarter 14-10. Coach Hart answered back by scoring another touchdown in the third quarter with a play action pass.

When asked about Hart’s strategy against the Seahawks Deion said, “The Seahawks have a really great defense so you have to established the run and that would lead to passing and throwing in some play action plays.”

In the fourth quarter Silva attempted an onside kick to recover the ball but was unsuccessful in recovering the ball with less than one minute left in the game. Silva intercepted the ball and continued to run the ball out of bounds in order to stop the play clock but was unable to score.

Hart was able to get the ball one last time and scored another touchdown with a wide open pass winning the tournament 35-13.

Hart and Silva fist bump after a 35-13 victory

The Student Activities Center plans to host more video game tournaments in April with NBA 2k19, and fighting games such as Tekken 7 and Marvel Vs. Capcom. Prizes for upcoming tournaments is yet to be determined.

The sole purpose of these events is to bring more awareness to students to utilize the offerings of The Student Activities Centers as a mutual place for all students to hangout.