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Fourth Annual Quadchella Generates Positive Buzz

Quadchella was all the buzz for its fourth year hosted by Fullerton College’s Associated Students on Tuesday, March 12.

The free event was open to the public with a wide array of activities for the attendees from live music performances, student art and free tacos.

Associate Students hand out free tacos at Quadchella. Photo credit: Anthony Carrera

The event was also supported by the Honors Society Club, Cosmetology Department offering free hair braiding and hair coloring. The Art Department had their own art walk in front of the library showing the talent from Fullerton students.

Art major Tiffany LaPlanche said, “Being collaborative is super important we’re all at the same level and we’re all trying to get somewhere. We have a lot of famous alumni from Fullerton College and that is what a lot of students are aspiring to achieve.”

Artist Tiffany LaPlanche shows her concept costume design for her collaborative project. Photo credit: Anthony Carrera

Quadchella not only allows for students to demonstrate their talents but it helps raise awareness to students to see what other departments have to offer outside of their major at FC.

Vice President of Student Activities Aaron Untiveros, said “Quadchella is for students to enjoy their time and enjoy the talent that is here at Fullerton College and local artists that we scouted at The Night Owl [A cafe located in Downtown Fullerton]. We held auditions but most of the artists performing at Quadchella are Fullerton College students, as well as faculty Brandon Floerke for instance is an English professor.”

Having events like Quadchella is important for Fullerton College to bring exposure to its students. It not only showcases the student’s talent but also the techniques that are being taught in the classroom by their professors in the Arts.

Freshman Grace Clark said “I recently moved here from Sacramento and I am still trying to get the lay of the land, but I want to look for more places to perform more often. One of my biggest influences is Carole King and my aspirations is to be a professional songwriter and work in live sound.”

Music major Grace Clark sings original songs. Photo credit: Leticia Perez

Aside from clubs and organizations Quadchella also had local vendors selling banners, flags and jewelry. Students really were able to mingle around the quad and create an organic positive vibe to the campus.

Quadchella also brought back familiar faces to Fullerton College such as Journalism Alumnus J.P. Dabu who transfered to USC. This was Dabu’s second year performing at Quadchella, he was happy to be back performing for his fellow Hornets.

“The vibe is definitely bigger than last year. There wasn’t as many people but now it seems like the attendance doubled especially a lot of kiosks showing different talents, which it really boosts the awareness of the event,” Dabu said.

J.P. Dabu shows his pianist skills at Quadchella Photo credit: Anthony Robles

The highlight of the night went to the Alternative rock band Ramekega from San Bernardino, they were one of the scouted bands that the A.S. discovered at The Night Owl.

Ramekega drummer Gabrielle Pozon said, “We are sisters we have formed our band in 2007. My oldest sister Kelli is the lead singer and our younger sister, Kaira joined our band 7 years ago on bass. Growing up our parents introduced us to various bands and artists like The Beatles. We have had amazing experiences being able to perform on AXS Live as well as touring all over California.”