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Five games to play during the summer lockdown

By Cody Kolstad

Three million people in Orange County are currently found with fewer activities to do outside their home. The gaming community has been ever alive with a need to explore other worlds and feel connections. Here are five games to check out during the quarantine. There is something for everyone, from horror to shooting to socializing.

Developed by Balancing Monkey Games, this city builder simulator has a beta you can access through the company’s discord. Photo Credit: Balancing Monkey Games

Before We Leave

An upcoming summer 2020 city building simulator created by Balancing Monkey Games based in New Zealand. In an interview via Twitter, the main developer’s influences include games such as Anno 1404 and Settlers, as well as their hometown’s winter festival. In this game, there is no violence. The player will evolve and populate multiple planets in a solar system surrounded by strange alien space whales and unlock the mysteries of the beings. A closed beta is available now on PC by joining the game’s Discord channel.

Game type: City building simulator 

Release Date: Summer 2020

Platform: PC

Small World Z is an easy to pick up and play mobile game for any gamer. The game is now available on Smart Phones as well as the Nintendo DS making it a perfect on-the-go game for your vacations

Small World Z

A top-down RPG zombie game with levels that change every time you play . Players will start with nothing but a pistol and have to level up, gather new weapons, hire friendly characters, and defend your party against bandits and zombies. After you become strong enough, a boss rolls in to test your resolve.

Game Type: Role-Playing Shooter
Platforms: PC, Nintendo 3DS, and mobile 

Cost: $5.99 for PC and console; free on mobile

As the train conductor makes progress, your train will begin to take on different cars that can be loaded with either supplies or passengers Photo Credit: Do My Best Games

The Final Station

A side scrolling story-oriented game about an invasion of… something that is turning people into zombie-like monsters. The player controls a train conductor that is sent to link up abandoned safe zones. Throughout the game, the player comes in contact with survivors that must be kept alive. Supplies are scarce so players will have to plan accordingly to ensure survival.

Game type: Side scrolling shooter

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch

Cost: $14.99

Through out the story of Life is Strange 2, the player is faced with tough decisions that could have heavy consequences later on. Photo Credit Dontnot Entertainment

Life is Strange 2

A narrative driven game, similar to Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” series, or classics like “Grim Fandango.” The player assumes the role of a Mexican-American teen whose life gets turned upside down. He and his brother are on the run. A tale with themes of racism, police brutality, love, loss and family. The main gameplay component is the power of choice. Will the brothers be good or bad?

Game type: Episodic Story-telling

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Playstation 4

Cost: $39.99

Rec Room is just as much a social gathering tool as it is a video game. Players are able to sign on and hang out with players from around the globe to play fun games or to just chat. Photo Credit: Rec Room Inc.

Rec Room

This free-to-play social game has no story. You are dropped into what appears to be a YMCA-esque dorm and lounge. From this lounge the player can meet up with friends and strangers and hang out in player-made rooms or play minigames such as dodgeball, paintball, parkour courses, and bowling. You can customize your avatar with a variety of different clothing options. One gamer playing on PSVR stated how in-awe he was when he started seeing people from all over the world having fun together in the same virtual room, even though everyone was in their own home.  

Game type: Social

Platforms: Oculus Quest, PlayStation 4, Playstation VR, Microsoft Windows, iOS

Cost: Free