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Major Declaration Day gives students clarity on their path to success

The Fullerton College Counseling Center hosted the second annual Major Declaration Day on Wednesday, Mar. 27. Students were able to learn more about different majors and find which one was right for them.

Khari Angel Posts Major 2.JPG
Fullerton College Communications major Khari Angel, posts his major on the pathways to success wall. Photo credit: Jamie Lima-Sabatini

The event highlighted the different departments on campus and allowed students to talk with professors from every program to learn more about the various areas of study. Students were also able to meet with organizations on campus that could help make their time at Fullerton go smoother and more enjoyable. These included programs such as Study Abroad and the FC Umoja organization.

Student representative Chinecherem Anijielo from Umoja stated,”It’s really important for a community to be behind you when you declare a major so it’s a really good day for students to see that they have a community that supports their decision.”

Laughs are shared at the Umoja booth between a student and representative Photo credit: Jamie Lima-Sabatini

The counseling center did a great job, tacos were served on the outside patio for students who had participated in the event. Buzzy the Hornet, spent time celebrating with students by dancing to the music and taking pictures on the quad.

One event organizer apart of the counseling staff, Diana Gonzalez said, “Major Declaration Day is an event that the counseling center holds to help students reach out to different departments and services and to help them declare their major. My favorite part about Major Declaration Day is getting to meet new students and seeing them interact with the different departments.”

A test was also offered at the event that helped students figure out which career choices would be best for them based off of their interests. This was facilitated by the Career and Life Planning center and took students around 10-15 minutes to complete. From there, students could take their results and talk to the different academic departments, campus resources and even meet with a counselor.

Student Info.JPG
FC student gets information about Major Declaration Day from student volunteers Wednesday, March 27. Photo credit: Jamie Lima-Sabatini

“It’s been an experience. I wasn’t expecting this many people or for them to put in as much work as they have. I’ve taken an interest test to find out which career I would most likely enjoy to be in which did provide clarity to me because I was kind of confused on what I wanted to do,” stated Khari Angel, FC communications major.

All around, students were elated as they felt more secure and confident in their academic and career paths.

FC student Ezekiel Roxas affirmed this general consensus of the students,”I kind of like that we’re doing this here because I went through a phase where I actually didn’t know my major. It nice to get some perspective about what I want to do. It wasn’t until this year that I decided that I want to be a business major with a concentration in culinary arts and hospitality as opposed to being a nurse.”

Roxas also added that it gave him some insight on what he actually wanted to do and that it was great to know that he was on the right path.

Buzzy Poses w Students.JPG
Students pose with Buzzy at Major Declaration Day Photo credit: Jamie Lima-Sabatini

Being able to talk to faculty in similar fields even helped students who already knew what major they were feel supported.

Chicana major Vanessa Escobar shared, “Having faculty in the area that I am extremely passionate about and hearing about their journeys, is just completely impactful. I feel coming out of this that I know exactly what I want to do.”