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TV Show Review: The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone premiered the first two episodes on Monday, April 1 and no it was not a prank, it really was released. Jordan Peele is the new host and he channeled the essence of Rod Serling in this new reboot of the American classic.

Created by Rod Sterling, The Twilight Zone, premiered on Oct. 2 1959, and enjoyed a successful run before being cancelled in 1964.

The show had several attempts at a revival. The first was in 1983 by Warner Bros. not as a TV series, but a movie. The second attempt in 1985-1987, but both failed to captivate audiences like the original did.

Jordan Peele in his role of the narrator on the new reboot of The Twilight Zone Photo credit: Robert Falconer/CBS

In December 2017, it was announced that Peele, along with other executive producers, would work on a reboot series. Peele who had just won the Academy Award for Best Original screenplay for his film, Get Out, caused a slew of anticipation for this new reboot.

Known mostly for his comedic performances mainly, Key and Peele, Peele has transitioned into a very successful writer, director and producer. He has expanded his resume from comedy to horror and now Sci-fi films.

The reboot of this American classic series grasps onto the original concept of The Twilight Zone, while also giving it a new fresh perspective for both new and old viewers.

Two episodes of the new reboot aired Monday and it did not disappoint. It gave fans of the series a new pleasant and disturbing experience.

Both episodes carried messages reflecting the current state of society, just as the original series and modernized it seamlessly while still giving a classic feel.

Samir tells jokes to a crowd in episode 1 "the comedian" Photo credit: CBS Los Angeles

Just as Serling did in the original series, Peele incorporates opening and closing voiceovers while also appearing on screen for a brief moment. When the last words of the opening monologue “You’ve just entered The Twilight Zone” are spoken it still has the power to give the audiences chills.

The first episode “The Comedian” captured the essence of Serling so well it seems like it could have been written by him personally. The episode ranged from ghostlike figures who give advice to the protagonists of the episode to when they realize they have entered a paranormal realm.

Adam Scott stars in the reboot classic episode "The Twilight Zone" Photo credit: CBS

The second episode “Nightmare at 20000 feet” is a new take on a classic episode that starred William Shatner. In this episode, the overall message is different from the original and it is up to the audiences to interpret it themselves.

With only two episodes into the series, it has already shown to be a series worth watching. The show is so far exciting, nostalgic, brilliant and somewhat disturbing, but in a good way. Going forward there will be a new episode every Thursday, only for CBS All Access subscribers.