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The Fullerton art walk inspires locals to use their voice through art

Project La Femme and Hidden Gallery co-hosted a pop-up photography exhibit that brought together the community on Friday, April 5 for the Fullerton art walk.

Several artists had their art displayed throughout the event which included mellow music in the background to help give the full ambiance of the art walk. Guest in attendance also enjoyed organic coffee and teas that was sold at the Night Owl.

The Fullerton Art Walk is a friendly alliance of venues in Downtown Fullerton who showcase artwork on the first Friday of every month from 6-10.p.m. All art exhibits are free and open to the public.

Artist Blackman poses with her portraits that represent an emotion. Photo credit: Edith Verduzco

Danni Blackman, a visual artist was handing out handmade comic booklets. She paints sounds and live music. Her art is emotion based. Every color she uses are based on rhythm. She uses art as her voice because it helps brings definition.

“In my portraits, I am able to identify what I am going through, and people see things that I don’t, so they express their own voice through my art.” She specified. “I appreciate the Fullerton art walk because I get the ability of exposure and It feels good to share what I do on my own time.”

David Romero, another talented artist in the art show, is a Chicano Impressionism who focuses on Urban Folk Art. His paintings are very detailed, full of vivid colors and he only uses a paint brush. He uses his paintings as a way to voice heartfelt connections with people as well as objects. He enjoys being part of the exhibit and appreciates the Fullerton art walk.

“It is a great tool that brings people together from all over to see my art and other artist too. The exhibition helps you meet the artist and we get to meet them,” added Romero.

Artist Downe is showing residents hidden images in one of her portraits. Photo credit: Edith Verduzco

The artist Tihana Downe, stood out with her handmade painting of a tree full of designs that included a sun and moon.“This is the portrait that originally influenced me to start this journey,” Downe said.

She explained her inspiration behind this portrait came from her therapist. Her therapist had suggested she draw or paint her feelings she felt she could not express out loud. “My art is an expression of things I cannot say in words,” Downe added.

In her portraits she uses paint brush, paint pens, nail polish and even eye shadow. There are also hidden images that light up the portraits with a flash light.

Residents walking through the art walk stopped in admiration for the portraits. Photo credit: Edith Verduzco

The art walk is a great place to come together as a community and support the local artists. It is designed to inspire people to use their voice through art.